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You Need a Valet Trash Website [5 Reasons Why]

You have made a big jump into entrepreneurship with the launch of your new valet trash company! The services you will be providing to regional multi-family communities is going to prove to be an amenity that residents and property managers will soon find they can’t live without! Of course, before you can begin to market your business, you’ve got to have all your marketing and advertising ducks in a row. Business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, social media, and the most important element, your valet trash website!

What? No Website?!


Okay, okay, so you’re no website developer- not many are. But that is NO reason to not have a valet trash website for your valet trash company! Remember, it’s about the relationship between you and the customers and showing your professional side.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you need a trash valet website…

#1 Online Presence

This is a pretty obvious reason, but extremely important. First, let’s discuss online presence. Online presence is your established space in the digital world of commerce. Just by being present online, you get loads of credibility. It’s no different than your boss or professor giving you credit for showing up to work or class. But, showing up doesn’t mean you will get a raise or get an A. However, your commitment and responsibility to arrive and maintain your availability does contribute to those attainable achievements just like attracting a solid customer base would.

Your valet trash website is your ticket to establishing your entrepreneurial presence in the world of service companies for hire. This integral piece of your digital marketing will be the launchpad for everything else you do to create and maintain any prospects or current customer relationships. Think of your website as the spider sitting in the middle of the web of customer attraction. Your website shows you are open and ready for business, ready to catch those customers.

If that still doesn’t convince you, ask yourself what you would do if you heard about a company and went to find that they have no website. Frustrating, huh? You’d forget about that company in two seconds flat and never look back.

#2 Professional Image

Never judge a book by its cover, right? Well, not when it comes to running a company. You might be the best valet trash hauler this side of the Mississippi, but if you show up to a meeting with a potential client with obvious signs of poor hygiene and a contract on a crumpled-up piece of paper, chances are you won’t land the job.

Well, not having a website is pretty darn close to not brushing your teeth before meeting with a property manager. Even if you do make it past the meeting with some interest, the minute you leave that office, the property manager is going to search your valet trash company name to look for your website quality and online reviews.

When he or she realizes there isn’t a website, what small fragment of credibility and professionalism you were fortunate enough to leave behind has now vanished.


Your valet trash website goes hand-in-hand with your professional company image. Do you and your valets wear shirts with your valet trash company logo? Why? Because it looks professional and shows you care about the integrity of your company. Your trash valet website is the logo on the uniform of the digital workplace.

#3 Sell your Services

Sure, you’ve been handing out those business cards and canvassing your flyers and those are important tools for revving up that lead generation. So, let’s say someone reads your flyer and thinks it’s great…what is the next step they will take?

Call you? Maybe.

Visit your website? Yep.

Your valet trash website is where the interested party will go when they have moved past the first two steps of shopping for a product.

First, they need to determine the difference between whether they do or don’t need your services.

Second, they will begin to consider the process of searching for a company that will fit their demands.

And the third step is going to be shopping around for the right girl or guy for the job.

Your business card can be the most beautifully-designed piece of paper a prospective customer has ever seen, but if you have no website, you have no client. Your trash valet website will have all of the good stuff about your valet trash company packed inside one colorful, glowing presentation that will put the customer over the edge. If they’re wondering how your valet trash company works, they’ll find out. If they want to know what add-on services you offer, they’ll see ‘em listed. Who else have you worked for? What awards have you won? What is the region you service? They’ll know in a matter of 3-5 minutes if you’ve got what it takes. A well-planned and appropriately-written trash valet website will do the selling for you. Chances are, by the time a prospect has finished viewing your site and makes that phone call for a meeting, he or she is already planning on signing the contract.

#4 Boost Client Confidence

This fourth reason goes along with the previous three reasons why you need a trash valet website. Once that prospect becomes a customer, the ability to connect with your company website will keep them coming back for more. From here, they will be able to connect with you (and promote you) through your social media, refer you to fellow industry professionals, and keep with any changes to your add-on services or public relations, etc., etc. The fact that you have a website that can be accessed on their schedule for any reason will take them to the next level of being confident in your professionalism and reliability.

Your valet trash website also shows competitors that you are a company to be contended with. This digital layer of professionalism will have that other residential trash doorstep company shaking in their boots.

#5 Keep Residents Informed

Obviously, your job is to alleviate the time residents have to spend taking out their garbage. More than likely, these very same residents are busy working or managing the more important aspects in life (which is why they moved to a residence that has you!) and don’t have the time to pop into the property manager throughout the day to find out if there is a schedule change for trash with the upcoming holiday weekend.

Hopefully, you have already handled that by your tried and true forms of communication, but if not, the availability of your trash valet website will give residents the tools they need to stay in the know with your services, calendar, and guidelines.

Give them a resident page or portal to use as a place to go for important updates, notifications, and guidelines about how your trash valet services work. Maybe a place to mitigate resident violations can be implemented or you can even provide a place for residents to leave messages for you or the valet.

Make the resident feel special. Use your shiny, new valet trash website a place for them to interact with you. After all, they are your clients, too. And a happy customer is a referring customer.

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