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Create a Valet Trash Contract Template for Your Business

If you have a solid contract in place it will help protect both your business and your client’s interest.

However, most business owners I know do not really like the hassle of drawing up contracts. You must pay attention to everything, read the fine print literally.

Benefits of Having a Valet Trash Contract Template

The growth potential of a valet trash service business is exponential. Once you get all the logistics sorted out, you will find that a good contract and schedule will have your business running like a well-oiled machine.

The Benefits of Having a Contract

Having a written contract has numerous advantages for you as a business owner. It can help you avoid unpleasant and time-consuming nuisances, so you can focus on building and growing your valet trash service business.

By having a contract in place you’ll have countless benefits including but not limited to:

  • Avoid misunderstandings and disputes
  • Protects both you and your client
  • Considered a professional must, otherwise, you may not seem like a credible business

Why You Need a Contract Template

Templates are an efficient tool to help you make running your business easier. You will have a basic outline ready that includes all the regular terms and you will just adjust it to fit each client.

These contract templates were drawn up by legal experts/attorneys who specialize in contract law.

Valet Trash Service Contract Template Sections

Now that you have your business plan set it is time for you to seal the deal. Creating a contract template will be part of the systems you create for your business. This way you will know exactly what is in each contract and can easily fill it out and talk to the points made within it.

What’s Included in a Contract

There are several things that you should make sure to consider when filling out a contract template.


You should clearly state the duration of the contract. In most cases, the contract is either renewed monthly or annually. Each of these options is suitable for certain types of clients.

It would be a good idea to go for a monthly option if you are just starting and want to give your clients the option to try out your service first.

In the same sense, you may not be sure that a specific client is suitable for your business. In that case, a monthly contract gives you the chance to decide if this type of client is what you are aiming for in your business.

On the other hand, you have an annual or multi-annual option. These are great because you have a secured income and do not need to worry about losing your client in the near future.

These are the clients that pay for all your overhead costs, who bring in the big bucks.

Price & Payment Terms

This one is obvious. You need to specify the amount that will be paid by your client. This is the case whether you are dealing with the housing company, a landlord, or the communities’ Regional Vice-President.

You should also have clear payment terms in place in order to avoid any issues in that department. This should include a payment schedule and late fees if you’ll be applying it.

Moreover, if the contract is multi-year, then it should be clearly stated if there will be an annual increase in fees. For example, a specific percentage that will be added to the current agreed-upon amount.


This is basically stating what you will be offering your client in detail. For example, how many times a week you will be picking up the trash.

In addition to this, it is preferable to include specific dates and the estimated timings as well. Though this may seem a bit much, it will give the image of professionalism and reliability. This is something important to all clients.


Essentially, this is the part where you explain how the trash will be picked up. You will be going door-to-door in an apartment complex for example. You will need to specify how the trash will be collected.

For example, if there is a garbage chute then you’ll pick it up from there.  Whatever the nature of the client is, you need to have a clear plan in place for the pick-up.


If your business will be providing an option for recycling, then this also needs to be stated in the contract. Moreover, there should be a clear way of identifying and differentiating the bags containing the recyclables and their type versus other trash. You would use the traditional blue bags for recycling and the white bags for the regular trash.

Renewal Terms

This entails how the renewal procedure will be processed. For example, your client can opt for an automatic contract renewal unless otherwise instructed.


You need to have a clear indication of the responsibilities of each of the parties. This is to ensure the smooth running of the operation and avoid any disputes.

Cancellation Terms

You need to clearly state any occurrences that will render the contract void.

This is important, as you will be protecting your own interests and income, as well as your clients. Consequently, your client will feel safe and protected. This in turn makes them more likely to sign on with you for a longer duration, which is great for business!

Alternative Solutions for Creating a Contract Template

If all this seems to be confusing to you, there are some additional alternatives for you if you don’t want to create your own.

Our NTV Training

The National Trash Valet Master Training Program offers contract templates you can take to your attorney for review. The NTV Master Training is a great curriculum for those just starting their valet trash business and for the industry veteran.

This takes away from the hassle of having to scrutinize all your contracts and helps you avoid falling in common traps. For example, there are some important clauses that should always be included in your contract.

Legal Consultation

After drawing up your contract templates, we recommend that you have the contract templates reviewed by an attorney in your city.

This is a good idea, as even though they may be well versed in the ins and outs of the valet trash business, you may be unaware of some laws. That is where good legal consultation can make sure that everything is in order, to avoid any legal complications.

Wrap Up

Completing a contract template for your valet trash business may seem to be daunting at first, but it is a necessary tool to keep your client relationships solid and beneficial to both parties.

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