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Valet Trash Service Business Plan [Tips, Tricks & Tools]

If you’re ready to dive into writing a valet trash service business plan, but aren’t sure where to start, or just simply need some tips, tricks, and tools, read on!

Business Plan Tips

Just thinking about the words “business plan” may cause you to groan. Most people think a business plan is a stuffy, 50-page document full of business lingo meant to appease investors. That’s simply not the case anymore.

Today’s entrepreneurs don’t need to overthink the valet trash service business plan and it’s no longer similar to writing a college term paper. If you do ask for a loan from a bank later, you may need to beef up the plan just a bit. However, for daily use, your valet trash service business plan can be a document just one or two pages long.

Make the Plan Easy to Read

Keep the business plan succinct, organized, and flowing as opposed to long and boring. You need to let your professionalism shine through without hypnotizing your reader to sleep. Keep your valet trash service business plan short and sweet with just the right amount of extra info where needed.

Use the 6 Main Categories

Executive Summary

Products & Services

Market Analysis Summary

Strategy & Implementation Summary

Company Management Summary

Financial Plan Appendix

Keep the Plan in Plain Sight

This is a document you should refer to often and welcome employees to read so they can be invested in your vision.

Brainstorm with Peers

Talk to your business partners or family members while outlining and writing your valet trash service business plan. They may think of key points you overlooked. Plus, this will get the creativity flowing and will make writing the plan breeze by.

Write the Plan in Third Person

Never use “I”. Remember, this is about your valet trash business. Write the business plan using “ABC Valet Trash Example will perform valet trash service jobs in five local communities…”

You get the idea.

Make sure your Spelling and Grammar are On-Point

Nothing screams “I’m not professional” like poor spelling and improper grammar. Have a friend or family member proofread the business plan or try installing Grammarly. This plug-in will proof your documents or online forms and it’s free. You could always hire someone from Fiverr who holds an English major to proof for you. Jobs start at five dollars and turnaround time is quick.

Business Plan Tricks

Start with a One-Page Plan

You can, and will, build on your plan as time goes by. Starting with one page will help outline your plan to get started.

Use Bullet Points

               Break key areas down so they are easy to find and read

Read Someone Else’s Plan First

A simple Google search will turn up some examples and so can a worth-while visit to your local bookstore or library.

Don’t Overthink It

               Doing so can make you feel overwhelmed which can lead to procrastinating.

Use a Template

There are many out there! At the very least, using one will get you started. Check out the “tools” section below for some great resources

Use Colorful Graphs or Infographics

A human being will be reading your business plan, not an automated robot. Using colorful and clean charts to give a snapshot of your data will keep the reader interested. Try Venngage or Canva to create these next-level professional graphics.

Understand what Makes Your Business Better and Different than the Competition

Knowing this from the beginning is essential. Write it down and tape it to your wall. Read it often and refer to it while organizing your valet trash service business plan.

Business Plan Tools

We’ve put together some tools that will inspire you and make writing your valet trash removal business plan a breeze! Enjoy!

Free Business Plan Templates

SBA Business Plan Template

BPlans Business Plan Template & Info

Free Chart, Graph, and Infographic Design Sites




Editing and Proofreading Sources




Small SEO Tools

Remember, writing a business plan doesn’t have to be rocket science! It’s an organized way to get your valet trash business ideals and objectives put into place so you can reference them often and quickly. Don’t overthink the process. You may find it is easier to write than thought!

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