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Learn everything there is to know about valet trash.

After building a successful valet trash business from the ground up and having to learn on the fly, we decided to share this knowledge with energetic entrepreneurs like us so you can hit the ground running and start making money faster.

Over the years, we’ve received numerous calls from people all around the country wanting to know how to start a valet trash business. We’ve helped as many of these people as possible, but with running a very successful service, there really wasn’t enough time to help everyone.

That's when we decided to put together a comprehensive tutorial package that explains everything, with nothing held back, on how to start a valet trash business as easily as possible with an affordable price which would allow even more people find financial success, like you!

What comes in our Online Training System?

Learn at Your Own Pace with 30 Training Videos

A step by step video training that answers questions like where to begin, how to structure your pricing, and how to market your  business.

Get Contracts, Pricing Sheets & Cold Calling Scripts

The most expensive and time consuming parts of the business are already ready to go and available for you to use as soon as you sign up!

Market to the Top 50 Apartment Managers

No need to waste time researching which management companies you should go after first, we did the work for you so you can get started sooner.

Valet trash is the fastest growing amenity within apartment complexes around the country and is voted the #1 amenity by residents!  

What Our Members Say

"This is exactly what I have been looking for. There's nothing out there like it."

Joe M.

"Thank you for so much information, especially for the contracts that easily would have cost thousands to have a lawyer draw up."

Mark S.

"I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, you can tell you really care about the people you're helping inspire."

Juan S.

What is trash valet?

Trash valet is a door-to-door trash and recycling service for multi-family properties including apartment communities, condominiums, student housing and senior living communities. Trash valet pick-up offers a no-risk revenue source that increases the net operating income of the community. Apartment trash valet provides the community with the #1 voted amenity that 100% of residents will enjoy from day one. It’s a turnkey operation that keeps the property clean and beautiful. Trash valet pick-up makes it easy to implement into the largest portfolios and also smaller privately owned/managed communities.

We are excited to help you on this journey into owning your own successful business.

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