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This doorstep valet trash collection resource page was put together to give you some guidance on additional informative websites that can help push your business to the next level. Please review the websites below to see if any can help you on your quest to successfully running your own doorstep valet trash collection business.



Internal Revenue Service – The IRS website will answer any question you may have about how start your business and inform you on what tax deductions can be taken. This is a great resource, as the information is updated whenever there is a policy change.

Small Business Administration – The SBA is another official government website that seeks to aid those citizens aiming to become influential job creators in their local area.  The Learning Center is filled with topics covering everything from getting your business up and running to managing its growth on a daily basis.

LivePlan – This site helps you write a business plan for your business. They do a great job of helping fill in the holes with examples of business in the same industry. This is a paid plan, but your work is hosted in the cloud so you can work on it from any computer

National Federation of Independent Business – The NFIB is a veritable gold mine for anyone looking to invest in themselves from a smart, safe perspective.  Apart from the free advice offered to everyone on their site, an annual membership that provides more personalized attention may be worth investigating based on your own independent business needs.



Apartment Guide – Apartment Guide is one of the most comprehensive apartment search engines online.  Allowing searches of a multitude of apartment types in every state and major city yields a large scale view of the multi-unit housing market, and can help you better focus your sales strategy for maximum return on investment. – Applying a search type that is based  more on experience than it is location or price, offers an approach more friendly to the first-time apartment seeker. They include tools like a moving calculator and a tips section that cover ideas not usually considered by those less familiar with the market.  This can be a great view into the mindset of how some property managers present their properties for future customers.

National Apartment Association – National Apartment Association (NAA), America’s leading voice for the apartment housing industry, provides members with the most comprehensive range of strategic, educational, operational, networking, and advocacy resources they need to learn, to lead and to succeed.

Valet Trash Service – An overview of how trash valet  service works. Also find out the benefits that a resident and apartment community will gain from the service.



Lending Club – If you’re looking for start up money or additional funds to infuse into your business to help it grow, Lending Club is perfect for that. The Lending Club community comes together to fund your loan request, so you can focus on expanding your business, buying inventory, purchasing equipment, and much more. – This is an interesting website that serves to link Venture Capitalists and startups with a large number of individuals interested in lower risk crowdsourced investment ideas.  The interesting part is that the VC’s choose what ideas to move forward with and the individual investor can opt in or out on any project.

Small Business Administration – As listed above, the SBA is a magnificent site for anyone wanting to start a business, but their insight on Loans and Grants makes practical financial goal setting as easy as just a few clicks.



Entrepreneur Magazine – This page is specific to articles about marketing your business. They always have great stories and ideas you can use to implement a new twist to your business.

American Marketing Association – The AMA is the trusted go-to resource for marketers and academics. They are counted on as one of the most credible marketing resources relevant with knowledge, training and tools to enhance lifelong learning and obtain valuable information and connections.

Social Media Today – SMT is a business oriented site powered by users that make their living in the world of marketing and keep their finger on the pulse of the most current and effective strategies to inform consumers of products and services.



Sales Management Association – If you were worried about your ability to close the deal, read a potential client, or even open a negotiation have no fear, the Sales Management Association is here!  Specifically designed to arm you with the confidence and know-how to represent yourself during what would normally be an intimidating sales scenario, the virtual training lessons are an accessible and meaningful addition to the small business owner’s arsenal. – Don’t let the minimalist name and glossy home page fool you, is a powerhouse of creativity and practical advice from those who have thrived in the trenches of small business living.  Their not-so-obvious menu icon (top left, by the logo) will streamline the learning experience and open up the vast collection of understanding that business leaders from every industry have amassed. – As the name implies, bills itself as a no nonsense learning tool for every conceivable aspect of the sales process.  No site will be as bare-bones honest with you about your business as, and their advice is derived from hardened industry analysis and real world application.

The Sales Resource Center – The SRC may be the most well rounded sales information and development programs ever made.  Whether you’re a complete sales novice or an experienced team leader the SRC has what you need.  Over 400 pre made modules with additional options for creating a customized solution for your specific goals means that the SRC provides one of the only all-inclusive sales-learning services on the web.

How to Start a Valet Trash Business – Our success systems will teach you everything there is to know about the valet trash amenity. Learn how to service, pricing structures, what contracts to use and so much more.