Valet Trash Training

Preparing Valet Trash Training for your First Employees

Hiring your first employees for your valet trash business can be a combination of a little nerve-wracking and exciting. The demand for your services is great enough to warrant more help but how do you even begin with valet trash training?

To prepare valet trash training for your first employees, you will need to take some time to organize your thoughts, procedures, and important aspects of the job. You are already spending a considerable amount of time running your valet trash business so you need to make sure all key areas of your new employee’s job are addressed so there are no issues later. But, where do you begin?

Before You Hire

If you already have your first employee lined up or need to search for one, be mindful of the qualities in an employee that are important to you. Chances are, what you are looking for in an employee are no different than any other employer’s desires.

Make a list of requirements that are needed to perform the job. Depending on the range of services your own valet trash business provides, you may need to adjust your list accordingly, but here are some basic requirements needed to do the job:

  • Must be able to lift 50+ lbs.
  • Be available in the late evening hours
  • Must be able to work weekends
  • Must have reliable transportation to the position
  • Must have a working cell phone

As mentioned, your personal valet trash business may offer extra services that will require an employee to capably perform such tasks as using a ladder, working with a power-washer, or have the ability to move or slide heavy objects. If there are certain activities that you know will be asked of your employee at any time, be sure to map these out before proceeding with posting the job listing.

Remember, you’ve given your time, energy, and money to make certain that your business is successful. Searching for your first employees should reflect an extension of what is important to you in regards to your business’s mission and growth. During the interview process, pay attention to how the employee responds to questions and other mannerisms that will make you feel at ease being able to rely on them to perform the job duties well.

Once you have selected your first employee or employees, you will need to schedule a time to begin your valet trash training before arriving at the first day on the job.

Training Prep and Onboarding

Before you can begin any training, you must have an organized plan laid out. It may be in your best interest to prepare this prior to beginning, or during, the employee search process. As you meet with your new employees during the interviews, it is possible that training in areas you hadn’t considered before may come up in conversation.

To prepare your training, begin with creating a list not much different than writing a term paper. You should organize your training with key areas to train on and below each area, list out the sub-categories of tasks involved with those job functions or areas that need to be addressed.

For example, let’s say you are hiring for a new valet position. The job that will be performed requires the employee to arrive on-site and remove trash which includes writing violation reports and emptying the pet waste stations your valet trash company manages. Here is a snapshot of how you might organize the employee training and what it might cover:

Valet Position Training Overview

Company Standards

  1. Company Standards
    1. Dress
      1. Uniforms
      2. Cleanliness
      3. Footwear
    2. Code of Conduct
    3. Expectations


  1. Cell Phone Usage
    1. Valet Trash App
    2. Calls During Shifts
      1. Contacting Fellow Employees
      2. Contacting Management

Job Expectations

  1. Trash Hauling
    1. Guidelines
      1. Doorstep
        1. How to Remove Doorstep Trash
        2. Trash Can Requirements
        3. Proper Procedures
      2. Dumpster Deposit
  2. Pet Waste Stations
    1. How to Manage Pet Waste Stations

As you can see, mapping out the areas that an employee will need to be trained on can have varying levels of detail and explanation. Taking time to carefully plan out what your first trash valet employee might need to successfully perform his or her new job with your company will benefit you, the employee, and the clients.

Once the training is prepared, set up the appropriate amount of time you will need to onboard your first employees. Handing out any uniform, company gear, or papers that need to be signed should be gathered beforehand. Catering a small lunch is a nice touch and will show the employee that you appreciate his or her interest and effort given to help you successfully run your valet trash business.


On-Site Training

Once you have spent a day or two meeting with your first employee or employees for their valet trash training, an on-site training session should take place. Scheduling a shift where the employee can join you to experience the job first-hand is the best kind of training. During this hands-on training session, you will be able to expound upon the key points you discussed during the earlier in-office training sessions.

It would be ideal to take the time spent with the new employee during the shift to discuss the importance of communication. This doesn’t mean just the communication that may be verbally exchanged between the two of you or even among the fellow employees. This can also represent the necessity of the non-verbal communication that will be represented by the employee’s actions on-site such as how he or she portrays his or her behavior during a shift, how thorough the job is performed, and through valet trash customer service.

Taking the new employee to meet the on-site property manager, maintenance crew, or any staff that you normally touch base with is another important area to consider. Not only will this orient the new employee with his or her surroundings and respective apartment complex staff (even if you are a privately-run company), but it will meet the second and third levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, “belonging” and “esteem”. Simply put, if a person is given the essentials of growth and support in life, that person will be a motivated, goal-achieving individual. This hierarchy can be applied to every aspect of life and the rewards when all goals are met can be incredible for the individual and in his or her business and personal lives. Taking the time to talk to and show the employee that he or she is now an important part of your valet trash business will benefit both you and the new hire.

The search and training for your first valet trash employee doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Be true to your standards and expectations and focus on giving your first employee(s) all the tools to do their job well. Planning the valet trash training should be given enough time so that you cover all important aspects of the position and the duties that are expected of the employee. Talking to your new hires and showing respect for their hard work will keep them feeling satisfied and appreciated and your valet trash or apartment trash recycling company running smoothly.

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