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How to Start a Waste Recycling Business with Little Money

If you truly want to live the life you dream about, you must get out of your comfort zone. You may already receive a good monthly paycheck from your boss and be content for now, but is your job really what you want to do for the rest of your life? Some might have already realized that starting their own business is a great idea but they think that they don’t have money to capitalize on. However, you should know that there are plenty of opportunities available without the need for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here’s business venture to consider: start a waste recycling business!  Read on for some valuable tips on how starting a waste recycling business could be just the opportunity you have been looking for!

Low Cost Options

It won’t cost you much when starting your own valet waste business. There is no need to hire multiple employees right away or even for the need to work from an expensive office. You won’t even need more than a couple of vehicles to make this waste recycling business work. A good option is by looking into a trash valet franchise to put your mind at ease since this option has already been proven to be successful. Whether you choose to invest in a franchise or start the waste recycling business on your own, writing a solid business plan is always where you need to begin.

Recycling Impact on Economy

Because recycling is supported by millions of private individuals and companies all over the world, it has become a promising industry with considerable earning potential. It is common knowledge that recycling equals money as it both saves money and creates jobs. According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute’s last in-depth study on recycling and the economy held in 2001, the recycling industry had already brought in over $236 billion in annual revenue. This is a number that has continued to rise through the years.

Waste recycling is especially beneficial for your local economy and community, and is quite often easy to coordinate and license with a local city or village office. There is room for growth in the waste recycling business- according to a 2014 study by the PEW Research Center, 49% of Americans recycle.

The Power of Recycling and Valet Trash Combined

With all the benefits of recycling known such as the positive effect it has on the environment, reduction of carbon footprint, its impact on the economy and more, people are now interested in making their own contribution in recycling. However, some just think about it and say they would do it but lack of time prevents them to do so. If you encourage recycling and simultaneously offer the service through your trash valet company, you now have a winning combination for your customers, the economy, and your company.

Popularity of Recycling from Residents of Apartment Communities

A common goal for many entrepreneurs exploring business opportunities is to choose one that has low start-up costs and is highly profitable. You not only want to earn money to sustain your business, but you also need to be financially rewarded as well. One of the most positive attributes about offering waste recycling services is its growing popularity among residents of condominiums and numerous apartment communities. Multi-family structures don’t have just two or three homes- typically, there are hundreds of residents in need of your company’s services. With proper planning and implementation, you can plan on expanding your business in no time!

Many entrepreneurs search for business opportunities that are too safe because they don’t want to take a risk with their money, time, or effort. However, in order for you to succeed, you need to start somewhere.

Opt for a business opportunity that lies in between risking very little and risking too much by finding a venture that won’t cost you your entire life savings. A valet trash business might be fairly new and you are essentially competing with traditional garbage collectors.

However, the uniqueness of your service and the convenience that the service brings to the busy residents of apartment complexes and condominiums is priceless. You are not just collecting trash from the curb; you are helping residents by offering a valet service. Laziness or lack of time can no longer be an excuse for someone to start recycling because your business can do this for them.

If all the 7 billion people in this world begin recycling, we will be confident that the future generation will be breathing clean air and living in a beautiful environment.

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