Valet Waste Jobs

Valet Waste Jobs Generate Easy Income for Entrepreneurs

In today’s economy, people are looking to start their own business or at least a side hustle to make some extra money. This can be done in multiple ways with applying at various locations for minimum wage trying to start your own business. If you do decide to go the route of your own business, just exactly how do you decide on what type of business to start?

This is where the trash industry comes into play. Most people don’t want to do the dirty jobs, but will gladly pay someone handsomely to do it for them. Apartment communities are willing to contract out doorstep trash collection services at their multi-family properties. This is where you can come in and generate easy income for these valet waste jobs.

Where to Start

Now you’re probably asking, where do I start? Well, if you live in an apartment complex already you probably have a relationship with the manager or sales staff. Speak with them about their needs for a valet trash removal program. Most communities are looking for additional services to offer their residents, so you are making it easy by proving one for them. Once you have your own apartment to service, ask your friends about the apartment complexes they live at and if they could use the service.

How to Charge for Valet Waste Jobs

This is where a doorstep trash collection service really benefits you and the apartment community. You will charge a service fee to the apartment management company. Then they will charge a fee to the residents for the service you will be providing. Everyone wins! You get money to take out the trash a few nights a week and the apartment community can gain additional revenue from your valet trash amenity. Are you starting to see how valet waste jobs can generate pretty easy income for you?

Collect Community Trash

Once you have this amazing opportunity of a valet trash removal program with an apartment complex, you need to service each door for trash. This is the easy part. All you need to do is put some headphones on and walk your community taking out the trash they leave outside their doors. After the first couple of times walking the property, you will figure out the best routes to take trash down to the dumpsters, making your valet trash service very efficient.

Get Paid

You’ve just finished working your first month with your new door-to-door valet trash job and are ready to invoice the apartment community. Ask the apartment community manager where you need to send the invoice. Once you send it out just sit back and get paid! It’s super easy with only submitting one invoice to the management company and not having to deal with individual units paying you. Then all you need to do is continue servicing and continue getting paid. This could even turn into something more then a part-time job if you want.

Valet waste jobs can really open the door for anyone looking to start their own business or a side hustle. You can use this valet trash service on as many apartment complexes you want. Just think if you had multiple apartment complexes you did this service for. You have just created your own business that you can scale up and make as much money as you want. It all depends on how far you want to take this business opportunity and start your own business today.

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