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Valet Waste Sample Contract Formats: Which Works Best?

Each property company or site manager you service will have needs different than the previous client. Depending on the type of operation being run at the complex, the property holders may favor one format of contract over another. So, which valet waste sample contract format will work best? Before you can decide the most appropriate format, become familiar with the different options of formats available.

During one of your initial meetings with the property managers, you may want to discuss the different formats of valet trash service contracts available. Also, being well-versed in these contracts will give you the ability to close on a contract deal when a client may be unsure of the commitment at first.

Valet Waste Sample Contract Formats


The month-to-month valet waste contract is a great option when a client is interested in giving your services a try but does not feel that committing to a standard-length contract is the best option, for various reasons.

This format will be written so that upon each new month, the contract will renew unless proper notification is given to your valet trash company that services are to be canceled. The termination section in the contract terms will address the specifics around what type of notice the property management will need to give when canceling your services.

When drawing up this contract with your lawyer, don’t fail to include industry-appropriate scenarios such as the possibility of damaged property and resident-related situations. These will likely not be something your lawyer is familiar with regarding valet trash services, and with such a short-term contract these terms should be highly important.

Multi-Year Format

The multi-year contract is standard for most valet waste service companies. When you explore National Trash Valet’s sample contract system, it will become clear how it the multi-year format will benefit the property management company for that period of time.

Of course, by the time you meet with a prospect, you will be comfortable with how the contract works and will be able to better decide which format is best for your client.

Overview Format

Regardless of how your client decides to proceed with the length of contract terms, presenting the overview format of your valet trash service contract is something you will want to consider. The overview is just as it sounds, giving a short breakdown of what the client will find in the attached contract. Presenting the valet waste sample contract in overview format will give the client a quick view of all contract schedules and terms and where they are located.

As you grow your apartment trash doorstep business and time goes by, you may find that you need to adjust the contract accordingly to fit your needs. Creating your own style of a valet waste sample contact may be an option, too. Just remember to involve your lawyer each time there is need for appending a contract or changing a term prior to a client signing it.

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