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5 Ways to Find Apartments with Valet Trash Service to Bid

Putting in all the effort to get your valet trash business up and running is only half of the battle. Securing a proper database of potential clients is the real fight.

It’s normal for any of us to be optimistic about where they can take their business. As time goes by, we find out that reality is different, one can’t simply pull out clients from a magic hat.

Here are 5 Ways to find apartments with valet trash service to bid and tips on how to land your first customers so that the rest may follow.

5 Ways to Help You Find Apartments with Valet Trash Service to Bid

The following approaches help in exposing some of what might be a potential customer.

1.   Yelp

Founded in 2004, Yelp has quickly become the go-to website for anything related to local businesses in different sectors. This online directory includes reviews about local businesses of all sizes.

On Yelp’s home page, you’ll find listings of business types and plenty of filters that you can use to narrow down your search. These filters include geographical location, price range, and delivery service.

The main appeal of Yelp is that it encourages users to leave reviews and rate certain services. They can also share pictures that reflect the quality of their experience with that certain business. All this info makes it a real treasure!

Now that you can see how people feel about a certain business and you can determine what they need to make their lives better, your task gets easier. All you need to do is find your way through all this clutter and spot a chance to introduce your services.

Yelp will acquaint you with your competitors, the quality of their service, and the social conversation around it. You’ll get to know whether the general sentiment around it is positive or negative.

Furthermore, you can use Yelp to know about communities you never knew they existed. These are upfront business opportunities.

Once you spot the opportunity, you can reach out to them and ask for a meeting to discuss how your valet trash business will help make their life easier.

2.   Google Listings

The first thing that comes to mind when going on the internet is Google. This tech giant has made it easier for business owners to be found through the service of Google Listings.

As a business owner, this tool can help you achieve 2 goals; find clients and find competing businesses.

This competitive research is vital in knowing what your clients appreciate and what they dislike. You can also find that one area is too competitive that it will be a waste of time to look for clients there.

Using Google Maps, you can search for businesses and services in a certain area. You can find all their contacts, website links, and pictures of what they offer and how they offer it.

When first doing your research, make sure to use the service keywords. In this case, you can use “valet trash” with the exact location. This will show you more relevant results.

On the other side, customers can share how they feel about this service through Google’s famous rating system. They also can share pictures and written reviews. As a business owner, this can help you know which apartment complexes appeal to customers sometimes the residents will talk about valet trash service.

3.   Social Media

Most businesses nowadays feel the urge to establish an online presence on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You might be thinking about how this can be helpful?

All social media platforms are first and foremost social listening methods. To put it in other words, these platforms offer a golden opportunity to know what people are saying about a particular thing.

Recently, people are more inclined to be vocal with their experiences, the bad ones before the good ones. Therefore, it is important that you be familiar with any bad experiences or any praise bestowed upon competing businesses.

As a business owner, you should view every negative review as a chance for you to acquire a client and every positive review as a chance to improve an aspect in your business.

You can easily check out the social page of the apartment complex and see if they have residents talking about valet trash as an amenity. This will give you additional insight into how they view the current provider at the complex as well.

Another important service that social media offers is the ability to reach out to people. For example, you can post about your services on community/neighborhood pages. This guarantees a faster reach to the inhabitants of this neighborhood.

4.   Apartment Finder

Apartment Finder has been around since 1981. The popular website offers valuable tools and an easy interface that allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

This is one of the websites that give you a sense of the services and options available in a certain geographical area.

You can go straight to the filters section, where you can choose from the options available. This will let you revise by pricing, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more!

This website is a reliable source of the residential information that you need when looking for potential customers.

When you select an apartment, you will find pictures, lease terms, expenses, and the amenities included. This is where your business comes into play and you can find valet trash leads.

5.   One-on-one Meetings

All the above methods are available to you from the comfort of your sofa. However, traditional ways also have their advantages.

No matter how the world changes, human contact remains an important way of shaping businesses. The more you customize your service to your client’s needs, the more you’re likely to survive the competition.

Meeting people in person is one of the earliest methods to introduce yourself and your business to potential customers. Well, that doesn’t mean that you go around knocking on random people’s apartments asking them if they want your service.

Rather, look for places where your customers will usually be. This can be at a community meeting, clubs, business mixers, festivals, and local bazaars, tradeshows, and in-office visits.

When you first meet your client, you have to make an impression. Bring forward your business’s identity and brand. Be presentable, and most importantly not “salesy.” This pushes people away. This will go a long way in getting a contract.


All new businesses must go through the sales process phase of finding and closing new leads. It might be tiring, but once you secure your first couple of clients, you will feel that all your efforts have paid off.

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