Valet Trash Receptacles

Providing Valet Trash Receptacles [Pros & Cons List]

There are options to consider when deciding how you want your valet trash residents to put out their trash. Do you have them simply place their trash bags outside their doors? Most valet trash companies provide commercial-quality trash cans for each resident to use.

But, what are the pros and cons to providing valet trash receptacles? Let’s break them down:


  • Looks Professional

Providing each door with a commercial-grade trash can will be just one more way for your trash valet business to maintain a professional appearance. It shows uniformity and that there is a method to your work. Placing your valet trash company logo on the side may be acceptable too, but don’t go overboard on this. Depending on the way the complex is set up, anything from a plain, plastic trash can to a more decorative option will be specific to the location (inside or outside access doors), level of unit rent, and even area of the country or types of residents. All of these factors need to be considered.

  • Limits Trash Amounts

Without a valet trash receptacle, if a resident simply placed the trash bag outside of the door, chances are there would be leaks, it would look messy, and animals could get into them. This scenario could create big problems for the complex and residents certainly don’t want to live somewhere laden with trash. By making one durable type of trash can the standard procedure, you will be creating a cap on the amount of garbage a resident can set out. Once the trash can is full, the resident will be responsible for the remainder. However, it is typically acceptable that if there is an extra bag of garbage, it will not be in violation as long as it is on top of the existing trash in the can. Your trash pick-up guidelines can be written around the provided receptacle. For example, boxes must be broken down and placed behind the trash can.

  • Hold the Resident Responsible for Damages

Your valet trash contract will provide for the dispersal of one valet trash receptacle to each unit’s door. However, there will be instances where the can becomes damaged, missing a lid, or even stolen. If this happens, you will not be responsible for replacing the trash receptacle. By reporting these issues to the management company you will not have to spend the money on that garbage can again. In your contract, you will need to clearly state what the management company will be responsible for handling with the resident.


  • Selecting the Right Receptacle Takes Time

Choosing which valet trash receptacle your company provides may take some time to decide at the beginning. As time goes by, you will know what works best for you and your customers. Having a small selection for newly contracted management companies to choose from may be a good idea. Offering two or three choices of different designs and/or sizes will allow the property manager to be part of the process as they may feel they have a certain look or curb appeal the association or complex requires. Don’t let the trash receptacle selection process overwhelm you. There are two basic designs that are commonly used: a standard rectangular trash can and a more decorative option used for common areas.

  • Large Expense for your Company

Granted, providing valet trash receptacles may be a large up-front cost for your company, but providing these should be written into your business plan. Consider these receptacles a necessity for the job. If you allowed residents to choose their own trash cans, you may find this prevents your valet trash collectors from efficiently removing trash bags. Resident-provided receptacles may also add to an unkempt look and may cause the complex to look messy. Purchasing in bulk lowers the cost of such large purchases which brings us to the third con…

  • Residents Incur Damages

When preparing your valet trash business proposal, you can make sure that residents will be held responsible if there are damages and trash cans need to be replaced. There could be creative ways to think outside of the box or “can” with this part of the contract, but after the original valet trash receptacle has been set up, it is not unreasonable to hold the resident responsible for a replacement. This will lower the incidence rate of misuse or disregard of private property (yours).

Whether you decide to lean toward the pros or the cons, the primary message your company should send in every way should be one with a professional image. Uniforms, signage on vehicles, hardworking tools- they don’t have to be the most expensive to show the housing complex (your customer) that you are a trustworthy company serious about your quality of work. Providing your own valet trash receptacles may seem expensive at first, but the outcome of a professional, consistent, and well-organized image will be worth its weight in gold.

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