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Apartment Trash Service: Build a Solid Client List [5 Tips]

Without clients, your valet trash company’s success wouldn’t look very promising. Building a solid client list for your apartment trash service isn’t as difficult as you may believe it to be. If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got 5 tips to get you on the path to creating an impressive client list that will keep your apartment trash service in demand.

#1 Be a Network-a-Holic

Never stop networking. Ever.

Some of the best clients are found when you least expect it. Even standing in line behind someone in the grocery store can lead to a conversation that leads to making a connection.

  • Carry Business Cards

Always keep your business cards accessible. Regardless of the length of the conversation you have with a potential client, chances are they may not completely remember your company name or where to find you. Make it impossible for them to forget.

  • Attend Industry Conventions, Tradeshows & Local Gatherings

Spend the money to have a booth at multi-family management conventions, trash industry trade shows, or even better, set up a booth at a town-wide event or a festival in your service area- you never know who may show up.

  • Sponsorships & Donations

Sponsor local youth area sports teams or public school events. Be a donor for a local social service organization. These are all ways to get your name and brand out there and create familiarity and awareness. And, in most sponsorship and donation cases, a positive image about your company builds up community trust.

#2 Bundle a Contract they Can’t Refuse

Larger property management companies often have a handful of multi-family properties in the area or even throughout the country. Before you approach one of these larger management companies, put together a special contract that includes a discount if they agree to use your apartment trash service for more than one of their complexes.

#3 Available and Approachable: Never Wasted Effort

It’s imperative that you be there when the lead or prospective client is ready to talk business- and even when they’re not. Don’t make the lead work to get in touch with you. If you aren’t diligent about this area of customer service, you need to find an employee with exceptional communication skills to do it for you.

  • Answer the Phone
  • Reply Immediately to an Email
  • Show Up on Time
  • Reach Out Often
  • Be Consistent in Communication
  • Follow Up with Leads About Every 3 Months

#4 Promotional Prowess

Promotions are part of running a business. They get prospects to notice you in ways other than just Googling your services. Think outside of the box on this one- how can you grab the attention of those potential clients you haven’t landed yet?

  • Create a partnership with other service companies nearby
    • Local painting companies
    • Maid/apartment cleaning companies
    • Industrial/residential pest control services
    • Landscaping businesses
  • Offer the prospective multi-family complex a six-month trial of your extended services if they sign up for a three-year contract.
    • Pet waste stations management
    • Community green space maintenance
    • Pool area clean-up

#5 Knock Out the Competition

Know who your competitive valet trash businesses are and aim for higher. Offer their clients better apartment trash service, outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and bundling or promotions.

    • Don’t undersell yourself and always stand by your mission of providing quality apartment trash service that those other guys can’t.
    • Don’t forget to bring your unique selling proposition to light.
    • Approach your competitor’s clients with full confidence that what you have is better and show them how.
    • Contact the potential client again about three to four months before their contract with the competitor is up.

These 5 tips to building your apartment trash service client list are packed with no-fail ways to get going. As time passes, you’ll discover some useful tips of your own and soon, clients will be on a list waiting for you!

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