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How Does Valet Trash Work

How Does Valet Trash Work During Inclement Weather?

If there is one thing in life that we can depend on, it is that Mother Nature is full of surprises. If you’re visiting Chicago, it can be cold enough to have the heat turned on one day and hot enough to warrant running the A/C the very next. Rain, snow, winds… no matter where you live in the U.S., chances are you’ve experienced some extreme weather in your lifetime.

As a valet trash company, you or your valet employees have hauled trash in every temperature and weather condition. However, no valet trash service job is ever worth anyone’s life. When weather conditions become too dangerous or unreliable, you may ask yourself, “How does valet trash work during inclement weather?”

How does Valet Trash Work?

Valet trash (definition blog article link here) is a fairly simple process where a private company is hired by a multi-family property management company to remove trash from each resident’s doorstep. Valet trash services usually occur five nights a week except for major holidays or as determined by the valet trash company. There are valet trash companies throughout the country and all types of multi-family properties can benefit from these services.

Severe Weather Reports and Conditions

When monsoon season arrives in Arizona and microbursts drop heavy rainfalls, there may be flooding issues; in the Midwest, below negative temperatures can cause winter weather advisories, warning people and pets to remain indoors. Severe shifts in weather can occur almost instantly and others can be detected days before they are to arrive. As a valet trash hauler or manager, it is in your company’s best interest to always be aware of the weather conditions for the day. Part of the daily service procedure can be to check the local weather forecast before leaving for the valet trash route. This can easily be done with a weather app and should always be communicated to your own valet trash management prior to service if there are concerns about the conditions.

Calling Off Valet Trash Service

If the forecast is calling for a chance of evening tornadoes, sending a simple email or phone call to the property manager notifying them of the possible severe conditions is the first step to take. When it has been deemed unsafe to service a complex, notify the property manager immediately that service will be halted for the night. It will then be up to the property management, not your own valet trash collection service, to be in charge of notifying the residents. Once the severe weather has passed, valet trash service may be reinstated the next business day.

Using common sense and paying attention to your local weather forecast will always be the safest plan when deciding how your valet trash works during seasonal extreme weather conditions. Keeping employees safe and the property managers in the know are the two most important criteria to keep in mind. The earlier the notification is given to residents, the lesser issues will arise when a regularly-scheduled valet trash night is called off.

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