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5 Exciting and Successful Businesses with Low Startup Costs

In order for one to prosper in life, working hard and staying within in the four corners of an office may not be quite effective. You don’t have to be extremely rich or very knowledgeable to put up businesses with low startup costs.

With the desire to learn and the determination to make things happen, you will soon see your money grow. You will no longer be dependent on a limited monthly paycheck; you can now enjoy unlimited sources of income as an entrepreneur.

If your job requires you to do things you don’t really enjoy, the everyday grind can get boring. Soon enough, you will be dragging yourself to work day after day because you need the money to support your family. If you find a job doing something you love or passionate about, you will never have to work a day again. The same goes for running a business- you must be hands-on for a while but when the business becomes stable and you have found trustworthy partners or staff, you can finally take all the vacation leaves you want, work from wherever you may be and you’d be satisfied in your work. If you’re thinking of a good business to start, here are some suggestions that you may want to take a look at.

Franchise a Hot Dog or Fruit Shake Cart

The food business will always be booming because no matter how technology and people’s lifestyles change with time, everyone still has to eat. Franchising is a good idea especially for those who don’t have a huge budget to work with as capital and when you don’t have expert-level knowledge in running a business. Franchising usually involves being trained by the company you will be buying the franchise from so you will know more about the business. You are basically becoming a “partner” and you could use their ideas and their trademark in that business. Hot dogs and fruit shakes are always going to be popular choices when it comes to franchises because these sell. What makes it fun though is that you can have all the hot dogs you like!

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a career choice that is in high demand. Companies need to be successful and to do so, integrating their product and website with high rankings in search are detrimental to any business. You can build a digital marketing company and start with little or no money at all. You can learn tips and tricks of the trade from various online sources such as articles, e-books, webinars, etc. You can also hire a mentor to teach you how to run this kind of business. A digital marketing company need not have a physical office—you can work on your laptop or desktop computer in your own bedroom and it makes no difference to the clients. With enough knowledge, you can be your own employee for a while until you gain enough capital to hire more employees. It’s still not necessary for you to set up an office at this point because you can find plenty of graphic artists, writers, web developers and digital marketing specialists online willing to work remotely!

Valet Trash Door Step Collection

One of today’s fastest-growing businesses with low start-up costs is valet trash door step collection.   Who knew that you can actually make significant money out of picking up trash? Often, there are the garbage collectors who collect the trash bags by the curb or at the Dumpster, but there are some homeowners who prefer not handling their own trash and pay for someone else to do that for them. Valet trash collection has also become highly popular in apartment complexes and condominium buildings because homeowners don’t have their own curb. Others wouldn’t even go near a garbage chute! A doorstep collection franchise business is surprisingly a success in many cities all over the country. Investing in the trash valet franchise opportunity is one to take some time looking into. You will be glad you did!

Event Organizing

Being an event organizer requires a lot of effort, skill, and talent in socializing. You may be making money while still having fun, but this business could also be very tiring. However, the good part about event organizing is that for starters, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. To become legit and trustworthy to clients, having an official receipt and legal company name is a must, so you may have to spend money on registration. However, you don’t need a physical office so that’s one less expense you need to worry about. You can set up meetings with your staff at home or in a café across the street. You don’t even have to hire regular employees unless you already have a steady number of events coming your way on a monthly or weekly basis. You simply have to have a wide network of suppliers and connections as well as the skill of getting all facets of events organized, of course.

Travel Agency

Travel agencies are fundamental in facilitating travel for companies and individuals alike. To start a travel agency of your own,  there are many training programs available to teach you what it will take to be successful. Location options for your travel agency vary as you can have an online travel agency or one with just a tiny office in your home. It’s very simple to operate as you only need a good computer to find flights and hotels and make phone calls when needed. Securing travel plans, sightseeing locations, and destination lodging to make traveling more affordable and fun for your customers is the key. Perks of the career include traveling all you like!

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