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Valet Trash Flyer

Valet Trash Service Flyer: Creating Marketing Materials

Whether you are just starting your valet trash company or you are a seasoned expert, there is always room for creating more marketing materials.

A valet trash service flyer is one of the easiest ways to do this. Creating a flyer requires little effort and is low in cost. Your company’s valet trash service flyer can be distributed easily and appropriately across different customer bases.

Highlight your Service

Creating awareness about your valet trash business is where the new leads come in! You need to let people know that your business exists and what services you have to offer for them to even consider hiring you for a job. This is necessary for both property managers and residents of the multi-family communities you service. While one customer base would appreciate information such as your trash valet pick-up schedule or what they should do in case of questions about their doorstep trash service, the other would love to see what services you have to offer before they consider moving forward with adding you on as part of the apartment complex amenities they offer.

Keep it Simple

No matter who you are distributing your valet trash service flyers to, you don’t want to overwhelm or under-inform the recipient.

TMI or Not Enough?

Too much information (TMI) – this is not always a good thing. If you hand out your valet trash service flyer to a potential customer, and it is crammed full of information or the font is in Comic Sans (please, don’t ever do that!), you can be sure that the marketing flyer you took the time to create, print, and distribute will go right into the recycling bin. Overwhelming anyone with TMI will automatically halt the processing their brain will do about what it is trying to understand. Consider a professional advertisement you have recently seen: it gives just enough information to inform, not overwhelm you.

Not enough information – this can leave your potential customer confused. If you left a flyer at the door of each unit you serviced and the only information was something like “National Trash Valet- A Leader in Valet Trash Services” with your logo on it, chances are, it will end up in that very same trash can you empty every night. Yes, brand awareness is great, but why leave a sheet of paper with only vague comments no other helpful information? Instead, there needs to be a moderate balance between TMI and “just enough”  valet trash flyer info to make a successful marketing tool.

Mini-Checklist for a Valet Trash Flyer

For All Flyers

  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • Contact Information

For Doors you Service

  • Services you Provide
  • Monthly Trash Pick-Up Schedule
  • Mini-List of FAQs
  • Valet Trash Servicing/Ease-of-Use Tips

For Property Managers or Prospects

  • Services you Provide
  • Benefits to their Complex
  • Benefits to the Management Company
  • Area of Promotion or More In-Depth Information

Design on a Dime

Designing your flyer doesn’t have to feel overwhelming! Creating and printing your flyers can be done right in your favorite word processing software and printed at home or sent to your local printer or OfficeMax or FedEx Office location. So, fire up Word! Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing your valet trash service flyer:

Designing your flyer doesn’t have to feel overwhelming! Creating and printing your flyers can be done right in your favorite word processing software and printed at home or sent to your local printer or OfficeMax or FedEx Office location. So, fire up Word! Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing your valet trash service flyer:

  1. Be sure to always include your company logo and name on your flyer in a prominent location, but not so that it is taking up precious real estate on your paper.
  2. Use clean, easy-to-read fonts (remember, no Comic Sans!) and at least a 1.5 line spacing.
  3. Proper grammar and spelling are crucial. This is integral to your professional appearance.
  4. Visuals are helpful, but not necessary. Aside from your company logo, you can add a small photo of a satisfied customer using the trash service or of one of your staff (or stock image) removing the garbage. This is a great way to show those interested in your services exactly what you do in a short amount of time. Remember, a picture can speak a thousand words, so choose wisely.
  5. Contact information such as your valet trash removal business phone number, hours of office operation, and website will be the most helpful.


When handing out or distributing your valet trash service flyers and marketing material, simplicity is key.

When distributing to the apartment residents, find an easy way to attach the flyer that won’t damage the paint or finish on the customer’s door. To avoid this, you can always roll the flyer up and slide it through the door handle or leave partially tucked under the welcome mat.

Creative Tip: If the resident doors are steel, attach your valet trash service flyer with a magnet specially made with your valet trash logo and contact information on it. These promotional trash container magnets are inexpensive to purchase in bulk and can be useful for the customer to keep at hand on their refrigerator. Bonus: No ruined doors!

For property managers, be in a clean, presentable manner when dropping the flyer off in the management offices. These can also be mailed with pre-sort postage. Contact the USPS to find out how this works. Don’t rule out bulletin boards at community coffee shops or at local hardware stores or contractor marts and always keep some flyers inside your service vehicle.

Using flyers for your business can help create your brand awareness and show that you are a trustworthy business that has no qualms about offering contact information or answers to customer’s questions. Your valet trash service flyers can be the easiest piece of advertising while marketing a valet trash business!

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