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Quickly Locate Potential Trash Valet Apartments [Learn How]

As with any career, the more experienced, you become in valet trash sales, the quicker it is to breeze through the process of locating potential trash valet apartments. But, let’s say you simply don’t have years of experience some of those other guys do and you’d really like to increase valet trash sales this month.

What should you look for in a potential multi-family complex? Are there signs that prove to be promising? Or signs about the property that may warn you not to waste your time? How can you streamline your research? We’ve got some of the best tips here to help you locate those potential trash valet apartments quickly.

Prep Now, Save Later

To be clear, we are going to cover what steps need to be taken to prepare yourself and business for locating potential valet trash apartments/clients/locations easily and quickly. Once your foundation of research and data are established, knowing what to look for and where to look for it will come become second nature and will take just a fraction of the time.

Make Quick Work of that Work

Before you begin any type of research for your business, give yourself a chance to prepare spreadsheets where you can store and analyze the data you come across later, while researching.

It may seem counterproductive to set aside a couple of hours if we are ultimately trying to help you zip through the process of locating clients. However, the theory here is that you need to spend some time to save time.

Keeping track of information you come across will prevent spending any extra time down the road. Instead of scratching your head wondering which website you found a useful tool on or trying to remember the name of the apartment complex you saw while driving down the road, entering your research data in an Excel workbook or Google Sheets will make it a snap to keep track, freeing up the precious time you have for closing sales. Plus, this will make it easy to share with your sales department.

Multi-Family Research Methods

Online Research

Inputting the right keywords will be what makes or breaks a quick and efficient search for potential trash valet apartments or other multi-family housing.

What are the most relevant words to what you are in search of?

Likely, keywords you will want to use are going to be associated with some type of multi-family complex in your local surrounding areas. Understanding keywords for research and later for your own valet trash website is imperative and will make your research much easier. While you may have some specific words associated with your unique situation, here are a list of some keywords and searches you may want to try:

(Don’t forget to add your results to your workbook!)

Search Terms

Locating Potential Properties
What type of housing do you service? Apartments/retirement communities/vacation properties/etc?

Apartments Near Me
Apartment Complexes Near Me
Luxury Apartment Complex in (name of sales territory)
Multi-Family Properties in (name of sales territory)
Rental Units in (name of sales territory)
Retirement Communities Near Me
Extended-Stay Resorts in (name of sales territory)
Vacation Cabins Near Me
Vacation Resorts in (name of sales territory)

Understanding the Competition
Do you have local competition? If so, where do they provide service? You may choose to attempt to land their clients or completely try for a different market.

Valet Trash Companies in (name of sales territory)
Trash Valet Services Near Me
Trash Valet Companies in (state location of your valet trash company)
Concierge Trash Companies in (name of sales territory)

On-Site Search

By on-site search, we mean take a ride through neighborhoods within your service area.
If you’re a traditional sort of person, keep a notepad or printed spreadsheet with you and fill in or write down addresses, names of communities, complex grades, and personal notes about the area or units.

If you are tech-savvy, use a mobile device to enter the information directly into your digital workbook that you prepared. This is a great choice and will save you some time by not having to return to the office and input the data from your notepad later.

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a cell phone camera. Snapping a picture of the property will help you visually identify the property with the recorded information later, at the office.

You need to know what signs to look for to understand if a multi-family complex is right for your valet trash company.

When driving through potential trash valet apartments, condominiums, or townhome complexes, pay attention to certain key areas such as:

General Complex Area
General Maintenance Appearance
Appealing Landscaping?
Streets are Clear of Trash/Junk
Availability/Cleanliness of Green Spaces
Dumpster Location
Recycling Availability?

Building Façade Well-Maintained?
High-Rise or Garden-Style
No Crumbling Stairs/Broken Windows/Etc
Inviting Layout of Units
Clubhouse On-Site
Pool Appearance
Approximate Date of Construction

Personal Resident Doorstep Décor
Resident Activity at Certain Time of Day
Family Activity or that of Business Professionals?
Dog-Walking Activity
Vehicles in Driveways

What other information can you add? Did you notice specifics about a complex that would make it ideal for your valet trash business to pursue? Were there aspects of the complex or residents that point to a lack of interest in valet trash?

Making your own grading tool will help you quickly decide whether or not approaching a multi-family complex to become one of your trash valet apartments is worth your time. Keeping notations of these attributes or lack of them will help you breeze through the process of locating potential clients. Try creating your own scores to see how certain complexes compare to one another.

When back at the office, entering complex scores into your Excel workbook will make quick work of prepping your sales funnel. If a complex makes the grade, you will know immediately if it’s worth your time to pursue.

And the Winner Is…

Okay, so the research is done. Now what?

Following the steps above will give you the basic foundation you need to locate potential trash valet apartments quickly.

Preparing and documenting your research and findings of multi-family properties can solidify the understanding you have of what works best for your trash valet doorstep collection business and will build your skills of how to quickly determine which types of locations are most likely to want valet trash as an amenity for their residents.

With the proper tools ready at the helm, next time you need to locate a potential client, it won’t take any time at all!

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