Valet Trash Service Cost

Determining Your Valet Trash Service Cost [3 Tips]

Before meeting with a prospective client, you should always spend some time performing basic research about the location, building age, amount of units, and layout of the property. Browsing the rental community’s website (if applicable) can disclose as much helpful information as driving through the neighborhood. These activities are what marketers refer to as epistemic shopping. You are gaining knowledge about the product (the rental community) before you continue involvement. All of this meeting preparation will assist in determining your valet trash service cost.

Tip 1: When Size (and Layout) Matters

A drive near the new property will be a good start to determining the valet trash service cost. If the size of the community is overly-large, it will take longer than to service a complex that has just dozens of units. Larger multi-family developments may also demand a need for more than just one employee to remove the trash. Obviously, this will cost more for your valet trash company to service than employing one valet for the job. Don’t forget time is money, too. How long will it take to service the complex in question? What about the layout of the buildings? Are the units all ground level or two or three (or more) levels?

Tip 2: Apartment Complex Grading

This is an important step in determining your valet trash service cost for potential apartment communities as new clients. Along with viewing the grounds and layout of the units, you will simultaneously be able to perform apartment complex grading. Grading is usually broken down into an average scale of A, B, C, D. The levels of grading can loosely be based on the location, demographics, and basic structure quality. For example, older units around 20-30 years in age may not be as top-notch and offer as many amenities as newer units, therefore these would be grade B. Often, grade B units are interested in revamping their image and valet trash would be a welcome addition. Grade A developments already have the clientele with high expectations and these are not difficult to pitch your valet trash business to. The grading goes on as you would expect. You can make your own grading scale that fits your valet trash business and services you offer.

Tip 3: Multiple Complexes, One Management Company

If you are fortunate to find yourself meeting with the property manager of multiple locations, be prepared with a quote that gives a reduction in cost if they are interested in integrating more than one property with you. This shows that you have the desire and ability to be a reliable service provider for the properties. When you have the confidence that your company can manage the valet trash collection services for so many properties, the management will feel more at ease with bringing on your valet trash company. If partnering with property management companies that have multiple properties is part of your business plan, you may need to come up with a unique proposal made just for that type of contract.

Before any proposal that includes pricing, any successful business person knows that some research needs to be done. These three tips to deciding what your valet trash service cost will be will put you on the right track to landing that deal. Understand your customers and what it is they need from you. After all, knowledge is power.

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