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9 Reasons Valet Trash Recycling Services are in Demand

People are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to services that makes their lives easier. There are the old standards like pizza delivery, maid services, and the teenage kid down the street that mows your lawn for five bucks. These standbys work out well for both parties involved and therefore continue to flourish; Hot pizza delivered right to your door when you don’t feel like cooking, a cleaning person that cleans your home while you are at work, and your lawn cut without the hassle of having to walk back and forth through the blistering sun on your precious Saturday afternoon.

Enter the valet trash recycling services your townhome community or apartment complex provides. No more having to save and sort your recycling throughout the week with the annoying task of having to haul it to the local recycling center in town. Who has time for that?!

It’s not just the convenience bonus during our gig economy that makes valet trash recycling services the number one requested amenity by renters, there are a multitude of other reasons this luxury amenity is becoming more common around the country. In fact, we’ll give you nine reasons valet trash recycling services are in demand!

#1 Makes Recycling Easy

Most apartment and multifamily communities don’t support recycling programs. Some property management companies will put a recycling can or two out near the dumpsters, but more often than not, lazy residents will fill those up with trash. Even still, the two or three recycling containers that are provided aren’t nearly enough to handle the amount of recyclables produced by an entire complex of residents. Hypothetically, it should be that the recycling receptacles are the dumpsters and the trash cans are smaller in size. This is in the vein of thought that we should be reusing, reducing, and recycling before throwing away. But, here, we digress.

Show us an apartment resident that stores his or her recycled items for a week inside their apartment until there is time to drive to the local recycling center. These residents are a rarity and deserve a gold star for commitment to the environment.

With valet trash recycling services at each resident’s doorstep, however, there is no reason not to separate the trash from the recyclables. Setting the recycling bin right at the door knowing that it will go directly into the appropriate container makes everyone feel better.

# 2 It’s Simple and Saves Time

For those of us that live in apartments, we don’t have the time or space to sort and store recyclables. Homeowners typically have garages to keep their recycling bins in, simply walking the plastics and papers out to the garage when the bin in the kitchen becomes full. If we apartment dwellers are lucky enough to have a recycling can near the dumpster, more than likely there won’t be room to keep it until there is time to walk it the recycling bin.

Even if all of these statements are true, we still need to find the time to walk to dumpster area a few times a week just to get that recycling into the right receptacle. If we don’t have recycling bins available, then we have to drive to the local recycling center. Frankly, after a long week of work and life, finding time to make it to the recycling center isn’t always high on the to-do list for the weekend. It should be, but sadly, it isn’t.

To have an already existing trash valet employee take recycling to the recycling bins saves time which saves money which saves the environment. Plus, the simplicity of a valet trash recycling service outweighs the fraction of cost added to the trash fee already being paid to either the city waste services or already functioning valet trash service. Frankly, it’s a winning situation for everyone involved, especially Mother Earth.

#3 Lowers Chance of Crime

How can a valet trash recycling service lower crime? Let’s explore this possibility.

Five nights a week, a valet trash employee arrives on the grounds of the apartment complex or townhome community to magically whisk away each unit’s trash. How comfortable is a common thief going to be when he or she has chosen that apartment complex to shimmy into, hoping to hit the motherlode? Chances are, knowing an employee is roaming the grounds is going to make the thief have second thoughts about breaking into one of those homes.

A valet recycling services employee is one more set of eyes that could pick a thief out of a lineup. Even rowdy residents will think twice before acting out if they know someone may see them and easily report them to management. A valet trash employee certainly isn’t a replacement for a security guard, but having someone go door to door five nights a week is certain to be a safety benefit for everyone on campus.

#4 Keeps Complex Grounds Neat

When residents have the ease of placing their recycling and trash on their doorstep each night, the chance that stray plastic soda or energy drink bottles will wind up strewn around the grounds will decrease. Besides, if and when trash does find its way into the common areas or lawns, the valet trash recycling services always offer the option of picking up loose trash from the community grounds. This also alleviates the time maintenance would have to spend to keep the community clean. They have more important things to do like fix the leaky faucets and freshen up the apartments for new residents. And what do residents want? An apartment community with amazingly attentive maintenance staff! Leave the trash clean-up to the valet trash recycling services employees and let the maintenance crews do their jobs!

#5 Residents Avoid Inclement Weather

For the apartment and townhome communities that do offer recycling services or bins near the dumpster locations, it’s up to the residents to carry the recycling out there. Just like the post office delivering the mail, in wind and rain and sleet and snow that recycling must be taken out. Total pain in the neck, especially when there is a downpour and all you really want to do is watch Netflix on the couch with the dog.

On the plus side, it would be a great time to take the dog for a walk- killing two birds, so to speak. Anyway, the avoidance of taking out the recycling in crummy weather is especially beneficial to the older residents who aren’t as steady on their feet and shouldn’t be braving the snow just to take their recycling out. Besides, what resident isn’t going to love not having to head outside when it’s freezing just to wrangle the recycling?

#6 Assists Seniors and Disabled

For the residents that rely on a wheelchair to get them around, or use a cane to steady themselves, the demand of taking out the recycling isn’t easy to manage. Instead of carrying the recycling to the dumpster area or having to give up the option to recycle at all, valet trash recycling services will handle it for them.

A luxury amenity such as this also works to the benefit of the senior residents who may otherwise need some assistance taking out the recycling and trash. The seniors and disabled can simply set the amount of recycling that is easy for them to carry right outside their doors and the hard work is done by the valet recycling services employees.

#7 Convenient

Although the convenience benefit has already been touched on, it’s the most prominent of all of the benefits to having a valet trash recycling service. Just think about how useful this would be for the stay-at-home parent who is wrangling a toddler all day or even those who may be recovering from a recent illness or surgery. Running out the door in the evening to pick up the kids from soccer? Have a flight to catch? Setting the recycling outside of the door will be a huge timesaver. It may sound trivial, but those ten extra minutes can be just what you need in the morning.

#8 Benefits the Property Management Company

The property management company can benefit from valet recycling services which can ultimately benefit the residents. This happens when the property management invests in a convenient and helpful service that residents can use (i.e. your apartment trash recycling franchise). When the residents are happy about their apartment community and how the property management makes them comfortable in their rental homes, the positivity and five-star reviews will come flooding in. Plus, it creates a demand for residents to be part of a community that handles a portion of the inconvenient tasks for them.

#9 Increases Property Value

The eighth reason above is a smooth segue into reason number nine that valet recycling services are in demand. When potential residents find out that not only is there a recycling program available and included in the rent, but that someone else will haul it away for them, the increase in renter applications will occur which will keep apartments at capacity, which results in the funds for the property company to use to enhance the grounds, maintain the apartments, and add other services to the community as well. Who doesn’t love sustainability?! When residents get the warm and fuzzy feeling that they are contributing to a greater good, they will be willing to spend a little extra on rent to contribute.

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