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Should Apartments Use Valet Trash Doorstep Collection?

If you are the landlord for an apartment complex or you’re thinking of getting into this kind of business, one of the most important things you should take into consideration is garbage and waste management. Especially if you are running apartments with several floors, then you have to think of how residents can throw their garbage conveniently. A garbage chute is probably a good idea but this may incur a large cost to build and maintain. If you want to increase the value of your property, then you might as well add another luxury apartment complex amenity such as valet trash doorstep collection.

Residents Love Valet Trash Doorstep Collection

You are essentially giving more comfort and convenience to your residents if someone can just knock on their door and get their trash rather than them carrying all the bags down to a dumpster. Furthermore, with trash collection services, occupants of these apartments have no excuse about not taking their trash out and keeping the surroundings clean. This will prolong the beauty of the property and prevent it from deteriorating and becoming just a pile of garbage.

Proper Waste Management Brings in Money for the Apartment Complex

There are multiple ways trash collection services can bring in money for an apartment complex. One way is you can add this service on monthly dues of occupants. Another is you can increase rent for new occupants since you are offering an additional amenity that other properties do not have. This is added convenience that makes residents live in a comfortable and clean environment. Furthermore, by setting up proper segregation for garbage, you can gather recyclables and make money out of these. You can only expect bags of garbage from a number of residents and while one bag of recyclables can be exchanged for a couple of dollars in a recycling center, many bags would amount to a lot of money. You also don’t have to add a couple more of housekeeping staff in charge of garbage on your payroll which will cost you thousands of dollars in a year.

Added Amenity and Feature for Sales Agents to Use

When sales agents look for buyers and/or renters, special amenities help in driving individuals to choose your property over others. These amenities are usually round-the-clock security, a swimming pool and fitness center, a garden or park, playground for kids and so on. You can actually make living in your apartment more luxurious with valet trash doorstep collection. Interested buyers and renters may be informed of managed waste disposal and not worry about health and safety risks of having a dumpster with trash coming from a garbage chute. People will surely appreciate the fact they no longer have to spend time worrying about their trash because someone else can do it for them!

Helps the Community Integrate a Recycling Program

Finally, a recycling program can be properly integrated within your community through a valet trash collection company. People always go and talk about the benefits of recycling but not many will put it to action. It takes a lot of time and effort and you need to be committed so you can consistently recycle your trash. You can encourage all you want for residents in an apartment complex to segregate their trash and recycle but can you really keep a close watch if everyone’s doing it?

With garbage services, everyone gets that extra hand they need to manage their own trash and they really don’t have to exert much effort for it. This leaves no space for more excuses to not recycle. Having a program like this doesn’t only offer assistance to residents and make money for your business; it will also be a significant contribution to keeping the environment clean.

Running an apartment complex is not easy and especially if you look at a businessman’s point of view, you want to make it more profitable. You can’t always increase rent or if all units are occupied, you may have already reached the limit of your possible income. However, with added amenities and services provided, you are opening a new opportunity for earning. Most importantly, you are making your property cleaner, more beautiful and convenient for your residents.

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