Valet Trash Definition

Valet Trash Definition: A Multi-Family Amenity Overview

You may have seen or heard about National Trash Valet during a Google search or by word of mouth. Maybe you read about valet trash amenities being provided at a nearby multi-family complex or that valet trash jobs are increasing around the country.

Regardless of how you have arrived at this page, chances are, you are interested in finding out the valet trash definition.

What is Valet Trash?

Valet trash is a full-service trash collection service amenity provided by a privately-owned company that collects and removes the trash from the doorsteps of residents of multi-family communities such as apartments and condominiums.


A doorstep trash collection service provided by the property management company for the unit’s residents but run by a private garbage removal company.

When breaking down the valet trash definition, consider these main points:

  1. Valet trash is a service job
  2. Trash valet companies (like yours!) work closely with property management companies
  3. Residents place their trash in a provided receptacle outside their unit door
  4. Trash is typically picked up Sunday through Thursday nights
    It is quite a simple process and works well for all three parties involved: the residents, the property management company, and the valet trash company.

Why is Valet Trash Popular?

Many residents of apartment complexes, townhomes, and condominiums have chosen to reside in a housing community that offers many amenities and supports a worry-free lifestyle. The time that would be spent shoveling the snow from a walkway or mowing the lawn is traded for time spent with family and friends or for those residents that travel and are simply not home as often. Apartment complex amenities are often the selling point for new residents when shopping for a rental community and are the reasons they will stay.

According to a 2016 report by Key Bank National Association, Millenials make up 51% of the rental market which has peaked the demand for certain lifestyle luxuries.

Along with valet trash, some other common amenities and services at multi-family complexes are dog-walking services, car washes, electric car charging stations, carpet cleaning, guest quarter rentals, indoor basketball courts, and package concierge rooms. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dreaming up what residents are willing to pay for. The ultimate goal for valet trash, or any amenity, is to make life easier and more convenient for residents.

Valet Trash Benefits

Valet trash is in high-demand due to its convenience factor for the residents but it also can benefit the property management company.

Valet Trash Popular for Residents

  • No Taking Out the Trash
  • Saves Time
  • Helpful for Older Residents
  • No Inclement Weather to Deal With
  • No Depending on a Roommate
  • No Messy Trip to the Dumpster

Valet Trash Popular for Property Managers

  • Maintains a Clean Property
  • Prevents Resident Accidents or Injuries at Dumpster
  • Convenient for Residents
  • Provides Ancillary Income
  • Keeps Common Areas Clean
  • Alleviates Grounds-Crew Responsibility

Who Needs Valet Trash?

The answer to this question is simple: multi-family residences, condominium complexes, student housing, retirement communities, high-rise residences, gated communities, and vacation resorts can all benefit from valet trash services, that’s who needs valet trash!

The benefits to valet trash can also extend to property managers by boosting ancillary income. Hiring a service for valet trash garbage pick up will eliminate the time grounds-crew spend on cleaning up the garbage bag drips along common walkways or trash strewn around the dumpster.  Plus, the convenience that valet trash provides residents will be a benefit they will come to rely on. However, the most beneficial aspect of valet trash for property managers will be the ancillary income from the service and the added value to the rental properties.

Let’s not forget about an integral element of valet trash: the privately-owned company that is the star of the show! With the demand for valet trash on the rise, there is naturally a need for these service companies throughout the country.

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