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How to Use Your Valet Trash Blog to Gain Customers

There’s nothing like your company being known as industry leaders in the valet waste business. Maybe you are considering expansion in the near future or maybe you feel you’ve reached a lull in contracts and want to pick up the pace. Instead of devoting man-hours to canvass neighborhoods or spend more money on traditional advertising, have you considered the power of the valet trash blog?

Blogging has been around since 1994 when an undergrad from Swarthmore College created an HTML site with links to other sites, music, and photos that he thought other like-minded computer-tinkerers would appreciate. Since then, blogs have morphed into virtual spaces where any information you could ever want to know about a subject has been written by someone who has first-hand experience.

Blogs are so relevant to our lives that many people successfully make a living writing them.

You’re probably wondering what blogging has to do with your valet waste business.

Is There an Expert in the House?

If you, personally, are looking for a company to provide a service for you, wouldn’t you want to know that they are experts in their business? Of course, you would!

One of the key elements to making your valet waste business successful is proving that you know and understand the business inside and out. Other than running a five-star company, your valet trash blog is the way to go!

One extra page on your website that provides a home for your blog is one of the largest ROIs you will ever have. Your valet trash website is already up and running, so there is no cost to adding a blog page to it. Once you begin writing about door-to-door trash franchise business topics that will prove your expertise and knowledge of your industry, customers and prospects will turn to you for answers. At the very least, when people are searching the web for information about valet trash services, your valet trash blog will pop up as a result, which just gives your company more brand awareness.

A blog on your valet trash site is beneficial for your valet trash residents, too. Providing a category on the blog formatted around resident interest will increase your credibility with the residents who are funding your business since they are the ones paying for your services. When the residents are satisfied and are shown respect, they will be more pleased with your overall valet trash services. (five-star ratings, anyone?)

The Blogging Trifecta

Before you begin furiously writing your blog posts, there are important guidelines you will need to refer to each and every time you sit down and write a post or plan your topics.

Keep in mind, you are writing your valet trash blog with the ultimate goal of gaining customers by way of authoring content that shows you are an expert in your industry or have valuable life/business experiences to share.

Never forget that.

In order to stay on the path of professionalism while talking about what you know best (valet trash), follow these three rules:

Rule 1: Branding & Voice


Don’t forget to remain close to your brand while writing your valet trash blog posts. If your brand is known to be spunky and advertises as a high-energy company, be sure to reflect this in your blog content. Keep that unique company personality present in your blog and readers will feel familiar and comfortable with you which leads to trust and therefore, an increase in becoming a customer.


Stay in character and write as if you are the company. Don’t author the blog in first person (i.e. “I”) unless you have created a unique persona for yourself. This might be a good idea if you are already known as an industry leader or are well-known throughout the community personally and are known for your work. Otherwise, write blog posts in a professional voice without sounding too stuffy. For example, when writing a post about an award your valet trash company just won, you would say, “Last week, all employees of ABC Trash were awarded the city’s Key of Industry award for the highest rating in customer service.” 

Rule 2: Relevancy

By relevancy, we mean to talk about valet trash and any topics associated with it. You certainly don’t want to write a blog post about your cat having kittens in the barn last week (unless the cat was a valet trash employee) or about your personal view on the recent presidential election. Never mix personal and politics with your company’s voice. Just don’t. Very few can do this and be successful at it and it is usually celebrities that have this privilege, but they can afford to lose fans. Remember, you want to gain valet trash customers, not field phone calls or email messages threatening to cancel your contracts.

Rule 3: Consistency

Before you start writing your blog, be sure to create a basic schedule of how often and what days/times you will set the post for. Scheduling your valet trash blog posts will allow you to write some posts ahead of time and plan out what topics you may want to discuss in the coming weeks. Your email subscribers will have posts to look forward to on certain days of the week and consistency shows you are committed to your clients’ loyalty. Plus, being consistent with your posts will keep Google’s crawlers busy with picking up relevant valet trash information coming from your site which increases your online credibility.

Choosing to host a valet trash blog is a sure-fire way to prove that you have what it takes to run a successful valet trash business. Prospects and customers want to be reassured that you know what you are talking about when you show up with a valet trash contract, and residents will appreciate the ability to feel familiar with your company and touch base with you if they have issues or need to stay updated.

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