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[3 Easy Ways] Add Your Logo to Trash Valet Trash Cans

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Your trash valet trash cans are the equivalent of a calling card for your valet trash company. Don’t underestimate the importance of adding your valet trash company logo to each of the resident’s trash valet trash cans. Fortunately, there are 3 easy ways to add your logo to the trash valet trash cans for a seamless, on-brand appearance.

Put That Logo There!

Before you add your logo to the valet trash cans, it needs to be clear why your valet trash logo should be on the trash cans.

Creates Brand Awareness

The residents use the trash valet trash cans daily and the property managers see them on the property premises. People in the community may even see them as your valets are delivering them or the residents are placing them outside in the evening. When your company logo is noticed day after day, people become familiar with your company and make it part of their community and lives.

Shows Ownership of the Trash Can

Your company logo on the side or front of the valet trash can will announce that your company owns the trash can. This will eliminate the possibility of any discrepancies that could happen when assessing damages or lost/stolen valet trash cans.

Valet Trash Logo Application

Through our experience, we have found how to easily add your company logo to the trash valet trash cans. As you do your own research, you can determine which are best for you and your company and price-point, being the most effective for you.

Option 1: Custom Imprint

Some trash can manufacturers will custom imprint your valet trash logo on the can for you when you place your order. Often, the process is as simple as submitting a digital file of your logo over to your account manager. When selecting the color for the plastic imprint, be sure it works well with the trash can color you have chosen. If you’ve purchased a bulk order of black valet trash cans, you certainly won’t want to ask for an imprint in charcoal gray; you want your logo to be visible. If your company brand colors have a prominent color theme, opt for one of those colors if it can still be visible the color of the trash can plastic.

Option 2: Transfer Decal

Heat transfer decals are thin, colorized plastic designs of your company logo on a clear plastic sheet. These are typically applied by a company that specializes in transfer decals or can be applied at home using a heat gun or hairdryer. Once the heat releases the logo from the plastic sheet, the logo bonds to the plastic trash valet trash cans, becoming an almost-seamless decoration on the trash can. Transfer decals work well on many types of plastic as opposed to an application on metal objects.

There are companies that will handle this process for you. Some are done directly at the location of the valet trash can suppliers and other companies have you ship in your product. If there is a local transfer decal company, you may find it affordable to order your bulk amount of valet trash bins and simply deliver them to the decal specialist yourself.


Option 3: Vinyl Logo Stickers

Affixing a vinyl sticker to your trash valet trash can maybe be a quick option if you want to be more hands-on. Some garbage can suppliers will apply the stickers for you or you can do this yourself. Ordering vinyl stickers can be done from the comfort of your office and can be found at large companies that print nothing but mass amounts of stickers or through home-based businesses like Etsy.

Be sure to purchase permanent waterproof, UV and chemical resistant stickers since your trash valet trash cans will be outside in all weather elements and will go through the process of being cleaned and banged around during general use.

If you apply the stickers yourself, make sure you place the sticker evenly and consistently on each can. If a sticker is sloppily applied, it sends the message that not much thought went into the visual appearance of your company property.

Using stickers to convert your bulk order of trash valet trash cans into your branded cans allows you to go full-color and design as opposed to the limited options you may have with imprinting directly into the plastic.

Starting a valet trash business often leads to being resourceful with your budget and time while still presenting a professional image of your company. Planning and budgeting for your valet trash collection model is best performed before ultimately deciding on which way to display your valet trash logo on the residents’ trash cans. Regardless of how the logo is applied, or who applies it, branding your trash cans can prove to be one of the better return on investments you make in your valet trash company.

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