best low cost franchises under 5000 dollars

3 Best Low Cost Franchises Under 5000 Dollars To Start

Have you ever found yourself wondering why some of your friends and acquaintances seem to have such prosperous lives? There you are, sitting on your office desk having a coffee break, browsing through posts on social media and you see a college friend’s photo of him having coffee in France while on a European vacation. You basically have the same educational attainment and you believe that you might even be a bit smarter than he is. Then a light bulb flashes on above your head. You begin closing that Facebook window, clicking over to Google and you search for: “best low cost franchises under 5000 dollars“.

You won’t be able to afford a vacation or even that dream car you’ve always wanted if your typical weekday looks like sitting on your desk from 9 to 5, waiting for a monthly paycheck, driving home, walking your dog, watching TV while having dinner, and going to sleep. Your salary will probably just go to your rent or mortgage, gas for your car, food in your fridge and some beer during the weekend. You end up with a few hundred dollars in your savings and nothing more.

What if you could earn double, triple, or quadruple the amount of your paycheck doing the same thing you are doing right now? What if you can expand that opportunity, quit your job, and vacation all around the world while still earning money? That’s what having residual or passive income is like, and one way to start getting that kind of income is through business. Especially for beginners, a franchise would be a good idea. You don’t have to be an expert; you simply need to know what business would work well for you and your target market. As a guide, check out these 3 best low cost franchises under 5000 dollars.

Hotdog Carts

People get hungry and when they do, they look for food. A hot dog cart on the street is a good start for a business because everyone loves hot dogs. You can have a sandwich as you rush for work in the morning or if you just want to grab a quick bite for lunch. Sometimes, even when you’re not hungry, when you pass by a hotdog cart and smell that lovely aroma of hot dogs cooking, you just have to buy one! If it works for you and millions of other people around the world, then it should be a good business.

The good thing about setting up a hot dog cart is you don’t necessarily have to be the vendor. You don’t have to build the cart, buy your own hotdogs and bread and so on. You simply have to look for a franchise that will be able to set everything up for you from business registration to everything else you need. Some franchises would even help you look for people to hire!

Valet Trash Doorstep Collection

You probably hear this quote all the time: “There’s money in trash!” You can go to a landfill, dig through the garbage and if you get lucky, you might just find a dirty dollar bill. Or, you can go the cleaner way and earn way more than just a dollar with valet services for garbage. Yes, valet services aren’t just for cars anymore. Some people are just so busy they need someone to do every little for them—even throwing out the garbage. Believe it or not, in some posh neighborhoods, homeowners require well-dressed garbage collectors getting the trash from their home and discreetly take those away.

Setting up trash valet service franchise can be the easier way to go about this business. Aside from having to learn about the business itself, you need to secure permits, coordinate with city offices and landfills, and adhere to health and safety regulations and so on. With a minimal capital investment, you can franchise a garbage business and you can sit back, relax and just wait for your money to grow.

Fruit Shake Franchise

Nothing beats an ice-cold drink on a warm day. Sometimes, you just need something that’s tastier than water but healthier than soda. A fruit shake is an answer to your needs. Shakes never get old. These are not just trends that go away. You can franchise a fruit shake business and have a cart set up for it so you won’t have to rent out a shop. All flavors and ingredients will be included in the franchise so you won’t have to worry about creating the perfect mix!

When looking for ways to earn passive income, possibilities are truly endless. However, if you don’t have a lot of capital to work with, creating your own business from scratch could be risky. You might end up losing your investment money in no time. You also have to realize that sometimes, that brilliant idea in your mind might not be too brilliant after all. Franchising is a good start, indeed. These three franchises are businesses that are already proven to be effective. You, too, can go on vacation really soon and even settle down in your own home that you can finally afford. Make the wise decision today.

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