Trash Valet Doorstep Collection

3 Trash Valet Doorstep Collection Rules You Must Follow

Running a successful trash valet doorstep collection business takes more effort and commitment than showing up and hauling away garbage. Providing your in-demand valet waste service to clients (the property management and the residents) is the reason you started this business- and hopefully done so with the full intent that your business will expand. To provide your service as it was intended to be, there are three trash valet doorstep collection rules you must follow. These building blocks of success will serve you in all aspects of your life, not just in your entrepreneurial ventures.

Be Reliable

When considering how to be reliable, it may not seem like a difficult rule to follow and it isn’t- as long as you give full effort. After the property management representative of the apartment complex has signed the waste valet contract, your proof of reliability as a business owner and service provider is just beginning.

Reliability doesn’t just mean that you only must show up to remove the trash, it means that you need to perform your job as scheduled, communication with the property managers and residents takes place when it should, and that the task of hauling trash is done as stated in your proposal and contract.

How to be Reliable

    • Perform all functions of your job as agreed
    • Arrive on-site and finish as scheduled
    • Uphold all contractual agreements
    • Return phone calls and emails in a timely fashion
    • Maintain good client relationships
    • Respond to/acknowledge issues or grievances immediately

Be Consistent

Another rule you must follow with your trash valet doorstep collection is consistency. Providing a service-oriented job such as valet trash thrives on consistency. For example, if you regularly start at a certain building in the complex and finish at another, make sure you do so every night. This will allow the residents to come to expect you at the same time and may even allow them to ensure their trash is out when it should be or even allow them to bring their trash can in before going to bed after service. Maintaining a consistent schedule will also help the property managers understand what they should expect from you and your valet trash company.

When writing trash violations, consistency is a necessity. If you don’t write a violation for a resident the first time they don’t follow the valet trash protocol, chances are, they will perform the violation again. If a violation report is given at the time of the second incident, it will only add to confusion and frustration from the resident as they will not be sure what they did incorrectly since they didn’t know they were in violation the first time. You could implement a warning system such as the first time a resident is in violation, a notification could be left so that they are aware that if it happens again, a violation will be written.

The point is, don’t create confusion or questions by not being consistent with your tasks. To keep the residents and property managers satisfied with your trash valet service, you should be uniform and consistent in every aspect of the job.

Consistency can also benefit you! Keeping a consistent schedule throughout each shift can help you streamline your duties and help you be more efficient at what you need to accomplish.

Be Thorough

No matter what goal you are achieving in life, it should never be performed only halfway. Acquaintances, clients, and employers want to know that you can be held accountable for your actions and that you will always do a great job. This should apply to your trash valet doorstep collection job just as much as it would apply to earn a degree, painting a room, or shopping for groceries.

If you begin a task and don’t finish, there is no point in having started. When you begin a job, all steps should be taken to achieve the completion of the job. For your trash valet doorstep collection, this should be no different. When removing a trash bag from a resident’s door, don’t leave the can knocked over or the lid open or laying on the ground. Make sure all trash is cleaned up and if there was a leak, be sure to clean it.

When submitting a violation report, ensure the pictures you take are in focus and clearly display the act of violation so there is no mistaking the location or incident. When in communication with a resident or property manager, take the time to ensure your message has all the necessary information in it and that the message you are intending to get across to the recipient is being stated properly.

Take the extra few minutes to proofread your email before sending it or rehearse or write down key points about a phone conversation before making the call. Be certain of all available information before starting any form of claim- written, verbal or otherwise. Be proud of the thoroughness of your work!

Providing competitive valet trash collection is what you and your company do best. Continue to show your clients and residents that the service they are receiving from your trash valet company is unbeatable in every way. These three, simple trash valet doorstep collection rules you must follow will guarantee that the property managers and residents will always be satisfied with your job well done!

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