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5 Valet Trash Service Proposal Tips to Increase Sales

5 Valet Trash Service Proposal Tips to Increase Sales

When running any business the lifeblood is through the sales funnel you have created. Finding leads and prospective clients is the easy part of the beginning of any sales process. It’s easy to meet someone and give them a business card, but to get a meeting and move onto the next stage of selling your business to the decision makers is a huge part of the sales cycle. Once you’ve worked hard to get an appointment with an apartment community and you’re ready to fly. Congratulations!

Here are five valet trash service proposal tips to help you increase sales.

Tip #1: Rapport

Start building rapport from the first contact and continue that through your sales presentation. If you can start connecting with the person you are meeting with, your chances of closing a valet trash deal increase tremendously. You can try to relate to the client by noticing something on their desk, a wedding ring, or giving them a small marketing item from your company.

Tip #2: Body Language

Read the body language of your customer to see if the price may be an issue. Be ready with other valet trash pricing options. Start out higher and work your way down if necessary. If pricing seems to be an issue, either lower your price to match a competitor or keep the price the same and offer more value.

Value-added options could include:

  • Breezeway Blowing
  • Common Area Collection
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Light Audits
  • Pool Furniture Reset
  • Light Cleaning
  • Trash-Out Services Following a Vacancy

Tip #3: Added Value

Highlight the value of the valet trash amenity by focusing on the ancillary income the property management could receive and by the aesthetic and safety benefits to the community’s residents. These are just some of the few areas of value your doorstep collection service would add. Make sure to come in prepared with a list of benefits or reasons why your service will help set their community apart from the others in the area. The valet trash franchise course will provide you with the tools you need to be successful with these conversations.

Tip #4: Solve Problems

Focus on the apartment community’s objective. Solve their problems and things will go very smoothly from that point on. Use leading questions like, do you have any issues with trash around the community, or what interests you most about our apartment trash and recycling service? Asking these types of questions will allow the community manager to tell you the exact problem they want you to solve.

Tip #5: Call To Action

Be sure to keep your proposal short and informative. Answer all questions and use a closing call to action at the end of the meeting. An example would be, when would be a good day to integrate this amenity into your community? You are asking them to give you an answer for moving forward. If they avoid it, be prepared with your rebuttals and everything will work out smoothly.

Additional Bonus Tip: Personality Types

In addition to the five techniques above, for the valet trash amenity, there is another ninja sales method to consider. It’s determining the type of personality your customer exhibits. Why is this important? Because people like, people like themselves. So adapting to their personality type will gain their respect, and they’ll tend to like you.

Every survey taken on why a customer purchased from a specific salesperson, is always answered ‘because we liked the salesperson’.

If you mimic the tonality of their voice and know their personality traits, you’ll have a distinct advantage over your competition, because you’ll be able to read people like a book. This can’t be overstressed when giving a valet trash service proposal. Here is a breakdown of the four main personalities and their uniqueness:

Analytical (Green)

  • Motivated by Facts
  • Non-Responsive
  • Not Assertive
  • Likes Things in Writing
  • Prefers Rigid Timelines
  • Slow to Make Decisions

Social (Blue)

  • Assertive and Responsive
  • Short Attention Span
  • Flexible and Spontaneous
  • Likes to Build Relationships
  • Enthusiastic and Optimistic
  • Impulsive – Fast to Make Decisions

Driver (Red)

  • Assertive but Non-Responsive
  • In a Hurry – Get to the Point
  • Decisive – Makes Decisions Quickly
  • Likes Control
  • Poor Listener
  • Firm, Stubborn and Tough

Social-Conscious (Yellow)

  • Not Assertive, but Responsive
  • Wants to Make a Difference – Helpful
  • Agreeable, Willing and Respectful
  • Will Make Decisions if You are Patient
  • Low Risk-Taker
  • Soft-Hearted and Supportive

You’ll also need a positive and helpful attitude. Remember, your attitude is controllable. Conquer your fears. Change the beliefs that limit your success. Your thought habits control your commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, resilience, happiness, and confidence. Be aware of them, decide which ones are unproductive, and then make a commitment to change. With time and effort, you can become the salesperson you want to be.

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