Starting a Trash Removal Business

[DON’T GO BROKE] Starting a Trash Removal Business

Starting your valet trash business doesn’t have to break the bank. With the right tools and resources, starting a trash removal business can be done successfully and you don’t have to go broke. Read on to learn how!


Success isn’t gained by one person alone- it takes a community to help achieve a goal. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of resources to help you pave the road to starting a trash removal business and some of them won’t cost a thing!

Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration is dedicated to assisting small business owners like yourself run successful companies. The SBA is a wealth of information and resources for any entrepreneur and is the first stop to make when you have questions about issues such as how to handle legal paperwork, taxes, even writing a business plan. Familiarize yourself with this free and useful resource and use it often.

Notable Online Resources from the SBA

Learning Center:

Over 60 FREE video courses are available here ranging from topics on financing to marketing your own business.


Dozens of downloadable forms are available for small business owners- just about everyone you may need from starting a trash removal business to hiring employees and lending opportunities or legal actions.

Local Mentoring & Support:

The SBA offers a nation-wide support system for small business owners. Each of the 50 U.S. states has anywhere from 20-150 offices where small business owners can visit or contact for support, learning, training, and mentoring assistance.

National Trash Valet

We have all the resources you will need about starting a trash removal business, specifically.

Online Valet Trash Training:

      • Over 30 step-by-step training videos
      • Customizable valet trash forms and documents
      • Access to multi-family property databases
      • Free lifetime updates to the course, training modules, and information

National Trash Valet Articles

The NTV blog is a useful FREE resource for valet trash questions, issues, and basic valet trash business management such as marketing and communications. As experts in the valet trash community, we have so much to share with anyone starting a trash removal business or already living the dream!

Valet Trash eBook

The Valet Trash Business Blueprint ebook is FREE and contains 20 pages of information about valet trash sales, marketing, and how to invoice, how to begin valet trash service, and info about a residential trash recycling franchise.

Resources Page

Here, you’ll find the links we believe are the most valuable when starting a trash removal business. We know beginning this journey is an exciting one filled with many questions. We strive to be the trusted resource for valet trash business owners and their hard-working teams.


As you know, the internet can be an overwhelming source of information on any chosen topic or subject. When starting a trash removal business, there’s a lot to plan and document. We’ve put together a handful of online tools to get you started with your trash valet business- because it can be done so you don’t go broke!

Service Area Demographics Research

 The ESRI ZIP Look Up database is a favorite tool of ours when starting off with demographics research. Just type in any ZIP code in the United States and the ESRI database will give you the “tapestry” of the residents in that area. Understanding the median income and activities and hobbies of those that reside in certain areas will help you when selecting locations to service.

Multi-Family Management Publications

Online publications written for and about the multi-family property managers and owners have tools and information that although focuses on property management, gives the valet trash business owner comprehensive insight into this industry. Considering you will be making sales calls and signing contracts with those affiliated with property management, taking time with their tools and info will be beneficial. Consider it sales research.

Online Business Courses & Tools

If you are stumped about exactly how to move through excel efficiently or know you could use some lessons about creating minor graphics, or just simply need to see exactly how sales projections need to be prepared, take a look at these phenomenal online tools! – online courses broken into easy-to-watch videos – need some help with a little bit of CSS or HTML on your site or just want to learn more about making a trash valet website? Codeacademy is FREE and won’t force you to enroll in the local community college to find your answers. – Udacity is the place to go for online learning whether it’s about marketing your valet trash business to learning how to create a start-up business. Courses are given in sessions and you receive a “nano-degree” when complete.

Starting a trash removal business without going broke is our mission at NTV. If you have the drive to begin a valet trash business, you are in the right place! Not only do we have the tools and resources you need to be successful with this major, life-changing decision, but we are happy to point you in the right direction if there is something we don’t know about. As you begin the journey of starting a trash removal business, we are always happy to help!

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