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Starting Your Doorstep Trash Valet Business [7 Rules to Follow]

When starting a small business, you take risks with the goal of reaping rewards. You can be a living, breathing success story just like you’ve always dreamed about.

It is possible. Anything is possible.

Before you jump right in, check out these 7 rules to follow when starting your doorstep trash valet business- it just may be the advice that kicks starting your doorstep trash valet business up a notch!

Rule #1: Determine your USP

At this point, you may already have your unique value proposition/unique selling proposition in place. If you don’t, stop here and determine what your unique selling proposition is- NOW!

  • What makes your company stand out from those other guys?
  • Why is your doorstep valet trash company better?
  • If another valet trash company comes around and attempts to mimic you (and it will happen), what is it about your brand that keeps it fresh and gives it the ability to remain at the top of the heap?
  • How can you appeal to new and prospective customers?
  • What about your doorstep trash valet company makes those customers seek you out?

When you’ve truly identified your unique selling proposition, and know that you’ve got something those other guys don’t, you’re ready to advance on building your brand.

Rule #2: Commit to Your Brand

If you’re reading this, you’re already committed. You have committed to believing in yourself enough to build a business from scratch and you’ve committed to learning more about entrepreneurship.

We may give you the tools you need to get started, but it’s your tenacity that led you here, researching, to be sure you won’t fail.

There, you have it: commitment.

Now, plan on staying committed for the long-run.

Not just to yourself and your work, but your brand.

Understand that you have built your brand around the idea that it will carry on forever. If you maintain this mindset, planning and managing will take on their own level of long-term goals and results.

If you’re only in business for the short-term, your company won’t likely succeed. Refer to your USP and company mission statement often and maintain the values you began with. This doesn’t mean you can’t change or update your services or brand, it just means that you should never lose sight of what you started with and why you started it.

Don’t let those competitors or naysayers scare you. If you consistently strive to provide an exceptional service to your clients with the intent of sticking around for decades to come, you’ve mastered the commitment rule.

Rule 3: Get to Know Your Customers

Understanding your customer demographics and understanding your customers on a more personal level are similar but different. As a rule to being successful at starting a doorstep valet trash business, you should plan on doing both.

Your Target Market

The demographics of your target market can be established by doing thorough research online and in the areas, you will be servicing. Understanding who will be in the prime market for your trash valet services is one of the first tasks to undertake when putting together your business plan. Understanding who you are marketing your doorstep trash valet services to is integral to establishing your brand.

    • What is the age group of your clients?
    • What are their careers?
    • How much income do they bring home a year?
    • What is their family dynamic?
    • Where do they spend their money?
    • How is the economy in their local area?
    • What are their hobbies and interests?

When you explore these questions and find the answers, you will unlock the secrets to building a solid doorstep trash valet company. There are even more areas to explore about your clients and you may find some surprising results the deeper you get in your research.

An in-depth understanding of your clients’ lives will give you the edge you need to provide the services they are willing to pay for which means your supply of trash valet services will continuously meet their demand. This equals profitability and success.

Your Clients

When referring to clients, we mean those individuals that use your valet trash services. When starting your doorstep trash valet company, you will likely be focusing on small and local.

At this point, clients can refer to both the residents of each unit at the multi-family complex that your valets service at night or the property managers that signed your valet trash company on as an amenity provider.

To provide the best valet trash service possible, you need to build relationships with your clients and it is easy to do. Communication is key, here.

    • Ask for Client Opinions
    • Answer Emails/Phone Calls
    • Keep an Updated Website
    • Smile and Be Cordial
    • Be Available
    • Hold Info/Q&A Sessions
    • Announce Schedule/Service Changes

If you keep the customers in the know, and show your smiling face on-site, conversations will start.  When this happens, you’ll have the ability to familiarize yourself with their habits and needs. Eventually, you’ll identify a need that hasn’t been met yet and you can turn around and provide it to them.

Over time, clients will come to rely on you as providing great customer service. Customer relationship-building is an integral element of any successful business. When this happens, the community-enhancing trash valet collection you provide will become part of their daily lives.

Rule 4: Don’t Wait

Perfection comes with a price tag. If you’re waiting to launch your doorstep trash valet company because it doesn’t feel perfect, you could be losing business already.

Take this advice from Tara Gentile, founder of Quiet Power Strategy and author of the book, The Art of Earning.

Tara claims that one of the most common mistakes made by an entrepreneur is to wait for the business to be perfect before it goes live.

“They wait to get started. They wait until they have more information, more experience, more, more money, and a more perfect version of whatever they have created.” –Tara Gentile

 Gentile’s advice translates into learning as you go and adjusting the plan as necessary- as long as you remain true to your mission.

Lewis Howes, a New York Times best-selling author of The School of Greatness, believes in this advice as well:

“Don’t let perfectionism cripple you. Launch as soon as possible and adapt.” –Lewis Howes

Rule 5: Embrace your Finances

If you don’t know how to manage money, learn all you can to do so. You may have a great idea and solid business plan for your doorstep trash valet company that knocks out the competition, but if you can’t handle the financial aspect of your company, failure is imminent.

The first step is admitting you may not be a financial genius and know that it’s okay to admit. The second step will be doing all you can to rectify this issue.

Enroll in a personal development class in small business financing at a local community college. Find online courses offered by such as the Small Business Administration’s free financial management course. Go to the library and check out budgeting and small business books. Learn what you need to give yourself the financial management foundation to get started and continue to learn as you go.

There are so many free and low-cost avenues to enhance your business financial knowledge, that there is no excuse valid enough not to do it.

Rule 6: Love the Service Industry

serv·ice in·dus·try

ˈsərvəs ˈindəstrē/


  1. a business that does work for a customer, and occasionally provides goods, but is not involved in manufacturing.

If you like helping people and providing them with a service that makes their lives easier, then you’re in the right place. If you don’t like catering to the public’s demands, you need to find a different kind of business to start.

Your doorstep trash valet company is the epitome of a service industry job. Examples of other service industry careers are bartending, dry cleaning, house painting, and maid services.

Embrace the position you have in people’s daily lives and strive to always provide exceptional customer service. If you appreciate your customers and consistently provide the quality services they expect from your company, your company will be appreciated in return.

Rule 7: Write your Business Plan

Whether you do this first or last before your doorstep trash valet launch is up to you. Ideally, writing your business plan will be one of the first steps you take, especially if you are in the market for a small business loan.

Preparing your business plan doesn’t have to be a daunting task and it will serve you well throughout the lifespan of your business. It is this single document that you will read repeatedly as time goes by. Don’t be afraid to make revisions or adjustments, but don’t lose sight of the mission your company established itself around.

The business plan is just as important as your mission statement and how you handle your finances. Don’t kill yourself trying to make it perfect- just make it comprehensive.

Following even just one of these seven rules of starting your trash valet doorstep franchise will make it easier to reach your goals. Always strive for more and don’t be afraid to look to those that have succeeded before you. Remember that learning through doing is what got you here in the first place.

Dedication and hard work will always serve you well.

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