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There’s Big Money in Supplying a Branded Residential Trash Bag

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As long as there are people in the world, the trash industry will thrive. Until we find a way to be completely self-sustainable and use nothing but post-consumer refuse when creating packaging, mother earth’s inhabitants will need somewhere to put their trash.

You are already running a successful valet trash company so what else could you possibly offer when it comes to giving residents options for trash disposal while increasing revenue?

Look no further than the residential trash bag!

There’s Gold in Them Thar Trash Bags!

That’s right, trash bags. Not only can you make a living by giving clients a valuable amenity in valet trash services, but you can make additional profit on an item that residents are just throwing away!

Consider these two questions:

  1. Why is your amenity beneficial? Because you make the resident’s lives easier.
  2. Why is selling residential trash bags beneficial? Because it makes the resident’s lives easier.

So, how can you make big money in residential trash bags?

Read on, you entrepreneurial genius!

Sell Trash Bags?

You may be wondering how or why selling residential trash bags should be something to think about. To start with, residents that are served through your trash valet business system appreciate the time and effort you save them out of their busy days.

An additional way to alleviate time constraints for the apartment residents could be to sell your branded residential trash bags.

How to Offer the Residential Trash Bag



Allow valet trash residents to order the trash bags from the comfort of their homes via your website.


Print door-hangers with a simple order form. Residents can check off the amount of trash bags they need and their account can be billed.

Leave order forms at the complex clubhouse or in your valet trash welcome packet where residents can place their order, leaving it with the property manager.

Ask the property manager if you can have some shelf space in the clubhouse quick-stop/convenience area for your residential trash bags


When the residential trash bag order is placed, a valet will leave the new box of residential trash bags at their doorstep at the time of trash removal for the night.

Another option could be to have valets deliver the ordered boxes to the clubhouse the following business day, or on a certain day of the week, and leave a notice at a unit’s door that they are ready for pickup when removing trash that night.

Your Own Stamp of Approval

There are some different ways you can brand residential trash bags with your valet trash company logo. We have some tips here, but the task shouldn’t be more difficult than the normal procedures you would undertake when shopping for any branded supplies. Also, branding isn’t always necessary.

The simple ability to provide a service to the residents by making trash bags easier to access when they need them is great marketing on its own. For example, if your residents are interested in eco-friendly products, making biodegradable trash bags available would be in high demand as they are not commonly found at discount stores.


Find a supplier that will stamp or print your trash valet company logo on each bag and/or box of trash bags.

Dedicating considerable research on quality trash bags and trash bag suppliers will be worth the effort. Look for residential trash bags that are sturdy and won’t break during use.

If you don’t spend time to search for a quality trash bags and purchase thousands of residential trash bags from the first manufacturer you find that will print your company’s name, you may find yourself with an overhead of cheap garbage bags that no one wants to purchase.


Begin by selecting trash bags that will be worth your resident’s dime and worth your valet’s time. In other words, don’t try to make a buck the cheap way by purchasing a bulk amount of the poorest-quality trash bags every made. The residents won’t buy them and the valets will hate them.

Not only will you encounter the issues above, but expect complaints to increase. Even worse is the fact that your name and logo will be all over the bags, leaving residents no mistaking the bearer of the low-quality trash bags.

Remember, you want to provide a valuable service, not be known as a cheap company that only cares about gleaning a buck.

Types of Residential Trash Bags to Sell


Marketing the Residential Trash Bags

How Much to Charge

Determining how much to charge will be based on your specific purchase price and checking out competitive trash bag prices that residents could potentially order online or in a big-box store. Granted, you are also providing a service, but you want to at least be priced in a comparable range.

Profit Calculator has a useful pricing calculator for determining what prices to charge for the residential trash bags. Be sure to write down all costs so calculations can be performed correctly. Overlooking an area of production or wholesale costs may end up being a huge mistake.

Once you know how much you will charge and how residents will purchase the trash bags, you may want to create a schedule for your business plan.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to advertise this additional service amenity to the residents. You won’t be able to sell the residential trash bags if they don’t know you have them for sale!

When launching, eat the cost of one or two trash bags and leave them at the residents’ doorstep during valet trash pickup time. Print a flyer, order form or card with information about the benefits your residential trash bags can provide as well as key attributes of the trash bags and how residents can purchase them. Then, rubber-band the information around the sample trash bags.

As a true entrepreneur, you’re a pro at finding a way to create or provide a good or service that others haven’t perfected or marketed yet. Selling residential trash bags is one more way to prove that you understand the needs of your customer before they realize what they are. Keep striving to be the best amenity provider the residents have ever known.

After all, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” –Bill Gates

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