Valet Trash Collection Bags

Valet Trash Collection Bags Must-Have Features

Every business comes with its own list of essential items it needs to properly operate. For a beauty salon to function, there must be hairdryers and sinks; for a donut shop, there must be a fryer… you get the idea! So what is one of the most important supplies you will need for your valet trash business to operate? Valet trash collection bags, of course!

But, why?

Picture this…

It’s your night to haul trash out after a raucous family party. There are several bags of garbage sitting by the back door beckoning your name each time you avoid them. After seven hours of mocking your lack of desire to work, you relent and decide to get the job over with. So that you can shorten your time outside to avoid the creatures of the night and because it is a brutal Chicago winter and you don’t want to freeze to death in your 3-minute trash trek, you hoist all of the trash bags up and out you go. Within 10 seconds, one trash bag begins to leak what you are pretty sure was a kid’s juice box mixed in with a little bit of leftover potato salad from lunch.

While trying to carry the deviant bag out and away from you so it doesn’t drip on your pants, the other trash bags begin to cut the circulation off of your fingers. You stop halfway down to the curb, pretty sure your nose is frostbitten, and let two of the bags drop to the ground. They can freeze for all you care. You jog as fast as you can in 20-below winds to leave two bags at the curb, nearly biting it from the black ice on the sidewalk.  

On the return trip, instead of leaving the remaining two trash bags in the middle of the driveway, you have a momentary, internal conversation with yourself about how you need to man-up and do the one job you were given to do. The tips of your ears are now burning and you are sure they will need to be amputated; your family taking pity on you when they see what a treacherous plight you endured to the curb that night.  

Being the martyr, you grab the abandoned garbage bags, but as you do so, one falls over, wrapping paper escapes and catches in the over-priced boxwood topiary on the front porch. As you bend down to close up the wind-whipped bag, you notice that the juice box/potato salad blend is now frozen creating a winter river of certain death for anyone who places a sole on it.

Defeated, you wrangle both trash bags and get them down to the curb with the others, this time avoiding the black ice. As you make your way back to the house, you sprint to the front porch, capture the wayward wrapping paper, which you now realize is covered in blue frosting, and go back inside. When your skin hits the warm air, it burns so badly you make a silent promise to yourself that you are either moving to Arizona or you are going to find an easier way to carry out garbage in the eight-month-long Illinois winter season.

And that’s why trash valet collection bags are essential: to make the job easier.

Each time your trash valet stops for residential trash doorstep collection, he or she will naturally stop at the next door and so on, until there is enough to proceed to the dumpster. By providing your trash valets with the right tools (i.e. the valet trash collection bag), they will be able to comfortably and efficiently do their jobs.

Trash collection bags allow the valet to easily carry several trash bags without finger circulation loss and by also preventing garbage bag spills from finding their way onto common walkways. The bags can make it easy to carry wayward items such as 2-liter bottles or boxes that didn’t quite fit into a unit’s trash can.

For this job, not any large bag will do.

Trash collection bags are typically made of polypropylene-webbed plastic with thick, nylon straps. The bottom is lined with an absorbent pad to catch any liquids and the plastic material of the bag can be wiped out or hosed down at the end of the shift. At most, the bags weigh about 7 ounces and can be folded down or stuffed into a bin after the shift is over.

Valet Trash Collection Bags Must-Have Features

  • Large, commercial size around 65 gallons
  • Leak-resistant
  • Lined with absorbent material
  • Easy-to-Clean
  • Durable
  • Light-weight
  • Tough straps made to comfortably rest over the shoulder
  • Double-stitching at seams and straps

Do yourself (and your trash valets) a favor and don’t try to cut corners on these important tools. By purchasing quality valet trash collection bags, you will have happy employees and happy customers!

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