Trash Valet Service Contract

Trash Valet Service Contract: Top 5 Questions Answered

There are some common questions about the trash valet service contract that come up often. As you become more experienced in the sales process, you will become more comfortable with answers to these and other scenarios.

Whether you are looking for a second opinion, or are just beginning to prepare your first contract, we have put together the top 5 questions and answers to the trash valet service contract.

#1 What happens if the apartment complex is sold to another company while under contract with my company?

The multi-family property management may proceed with a merger or sale of properties while you are currently contracted to perform your trash valet services with them. If this happens, you must produce a right of transfer if the complex is sold. You will likely need your lawyer involved to ensure the documentation is filled out properly. It will be worth the cost to have this taken care of professionally.

#2 What terms should be included in the contract?

Terms in a contract are also often called Terms of Service or abbreviated as ToS. Most business contracts contain the same general terms, but each will vary slightly on their own. Yours will likely be different than your competitor down the street, even though you are in the same business.

You can perform a search of what terms you find in a contract and will find an overwhelming amount of results.

Here are some basic terms you will need for your trash valet service contract and very simplified definitions:


      • Specific duties to be performed by each party


      • This is the term that will handle any type of dispute, if necessary


      • How the pricing structure falls into your agreed-upon contract work


      • The dates of payment to you and how payments will be made

Date of Service

      • The contracted dates of service as agreed



      • This term discusses your property (such as trash bins, etc.) and how to mitigate any issues

#3 How does the trash valet service contract handle container and trash bin damage?

This potential circumstance will be handled in the property section of the contract terms. Do your best to plan for significant outcomes of damage such as the unusable condition of a trash bin or residents who move out and take the bins with them.

You may or may not hold the apartment complex responsible for these damages. Either way, where you stand on this issue must be handled in this term so there are no legal issues or disagreements later.

#4 Are all services added to the contract, even the add-ons?

Handling the option of add-on services will be put into schedules or exhibits. These terms mean the same thing, but when choosing what to call these special addendums to the contract, be sure to use one term consistently throughout.

Schedules/exhibits are essentially an additional part of the contract that handle such possibilities as your client choosing an add-on service later in the service period. These schedules/exhibits are attached to the end of the contract, therefore making it easier to append the contract later instead of rewriting the entire contract again if the property manager decides to discontinue use of the add-on services for your residential trash doorstep service

#5 What happens if the complex terminates the contract?

Termination may happen, so it’s necessary to be prepared. Trash valet service contract termination will be addressed in your contract under the termination section and should contain what each party is responsible for if termination of the contract happens before the contract expiration date.

Remember, this doesn’t apply to only if the complex backs out of the contract, but if you ever need to as well. Be thorough about all terms of the contract, but termination is one of the most important.

Your trash valet service contract is the single most important piece of documentation you will be preparing and utilizing each day you are in. Spend the extra money to have it professionally created- you don’t want to find yourself in a costly legal situation later because you didn’t prepare the contract the right way.

As you write your business plan, keep notes of certain terms, issues, or resolutions you would like to have in your contract. Doing so before the contract is prepared will save you, and your lawyer, a headache in the future.

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