Low Cost Startup Franchises

Low Cost Startup Franchises May Be Your Best Business Option

You’re looking for freedom from the everyday boredom and stress of your J.O.B. You’ve decided you’d like to try your natural entrepreneurial inclinations and start a small business. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are several low cost startup franchises that may just fit the bill.

Mosquito Minus

This franchise has an exceptionally low franchise fee at just $499. Third party financing is available. They offer three different types of services for their client. This includes yard barrier treatment, special events services, and commercial programs. As with nearly all other franchises, Mosquito Minus does not require on-going royalties payments and provides protected territories. It is a solid opportunity for such a low cost of entry. BBzzz.

National Trash Valet

Starting a door-to-door trash and recycling service for apartment complexes seems like a crazy job, but it’s not. One multi-family community can sustain your business while giving you the opportunity to grow something from the ground up. The National Trash Valet Success System™ is better than any franchise, as it doesn’t ask for yearly royalties or dues. It is strictly a valet trash guide that will show you with a 30-video training program how to start a valet trash business as well as fully operate it. Along with the videos, there are also downloadable contracts, pricing sheets and references where to get specific trash valet industry items. This program shows you everything you need to get started on running your own multi-family doorstep trash and recycling collection business.

Real Estate Sales

For a liquid cash minimum of $10,000, this company requires a relatively small amount for the potentially high profits of flipping houses. Real Estate Sales claims to be the premier, one-on-one personalized investing program. This is about mentoring and expert coaching. With the overwhelming popularity of cable TV shows about fixing and flipping houses, this company is worth some consideration.

Maid Simple House Cleaning™

Not only does this company offer ‘in-person’ training, they also help get you customers and man your phones. Minimum cash requirements for this franchise are $9,995 and there is 3rd party financing available. The total amount needed for the front-end investment is $18,500. The first year royalty rate is 19% and then year two, and forward, the rate ranges from 13% to 8% based on revenue. Maid Simple House Cleaning is ranked a Top Global and Top 100 Franchise in the respected Entrepreneur magazine and Top 25 for Latinos. They are also the only maid service franchise in the world.

The BBQ Cleaner

Like many other franchises, the BBQ Cleaner provides the franchisee with the tools, supplies, and know-how to get your business up and running and successful. Marketing, operations, launching the business is all included. The goal being that you’re the boss and the company is booming. Minimum required cash is $8,000 and there is third party financing available. This is an industry with low competition which makes it worth a second look. It’s nice to have so many options for business owners. “…Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.” ~ Anthony Bourdain

Tradewind Settlements

This franchise has processed over $500 million dollars, in recent years, of Life Settlement transactions. They are currently looking to award additional territories that are protected and also bring in more Master Territory Developers. Life Settlement companies purchase life insurance policies, from seniors and others, at a discounted rate. This gives the senior more cash for a better retirement and the settlement companies a future profit. Tradewind Settlements claims to have the highest potential income to investment ratio in the franchise world. The total financial commitment is $24,950. “…I’m a big crier in general. The right life insurance commercial will take me out for a couple of days.” ~ Ike Barinmholtz

These low cost startup franchises can help anyone achieve owning their own successful business. With some time and a little hard work, your dreams can become your reality.

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