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How to Select Valet Trash Bins for Doorstep Collection

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Selecting the best valet trash bins can to offer your communities might seem like a simple task, but there are things to consider and many design options available. A well-chosen valet trash container is designed to complement any apartment’s decor, provide a uniform look, enrich the overall appearance of the community, and avert any garbage or recycling leakage in hallways.

You can also minimize customer service issues from the attention of the complex community’s management by including your trash collection business information, logo, and phone number.

Find Durable Material

Let’s be honest, the valet trash container will take lots and lots of physical abuse. Falling down stairs, accidentally being kicked or dropped by residents and falling as the professional valet takes out the waste and recycling bags. A durable, hard plastic material is best and equates to fewer splits and tears in the material. Technically this type of plastic molding is called thermoset or thermosetting plastics. When cooled and hardened, these thermoset plastics retain their shapes and will not, even cannot, return to their original form- they are hard and robust.

Attached Lid

As simple as it seems, selecting the type of lid for your valet trash can is important, and it can be summed up in one word: attached. Imagine an apartment community of 300 units…if lids were not attached, you’d run the possibility of having 300 lids, all loose and looking for their mates. What a nightmare! The ultimate choice is to look for lids that are attached with a small hook on the container, but still removable with a little extra tug. This gives you all the best options when choosing a lid.

Bulk Purchase for Best Value

Buying in bulk is less expensive than buying in lesser quantities because it costs the manufacturers and retail stores less to sell them that way. This is also true when purchasing your valet trash bins. Purchasing in bulk will offer you a greater discount that your budget and available cash will love. Look for competitors that are only on-line stores; ask Google for some help.

Include Business and Logo Information on Each Container

One of your goals as a valet trash provider is to divert as many customer service issues away from the apartment community management and instead, toward yourself. Not only is this the quickest way to solve any impending service issues, it is also a great way to keep your customer happy. Fewer issues and stress on your client’s plates will make them very happy.

  1. First and foremost, include your phone number embossed on the side valet trash can. Make this relatively large so a resident has no issues with finding it.
  2. Include your logo for branding your business in the eyes and mind of the complex and also each resident. They will move someday and perhaps request you specifically at their next apartment home.
  3. And most importantly, emboss your business name. This should utilize the largest font that makes sense.

Selecting the right valet trash bins for doorstep collection can be difficult, but when you find the right one that matches your business needs you are ready to tackle any size apartment community with ease. Following these tips will ensure that choosing the right receptacles for your doorstep trash collection franchise program can be a simple task.

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