Door to Door Apartment Trash

Stop Bad Door to Door Apartment Trash Service

Go ahead, read them. Read all of them. Sear the complaints into your brain and never forget them. Then, do the opposite of what those one-star companies do. That’s how you stop bad door to door apartment trash service.

Only You Can Prevent Bad Trash Service

Those tactics are easy to follow and can be the basis of your valet’s training for what not to do when servicing units.

Prove to your residents that all door to door apartment trash services are not created equally.


Focus a large portion of your valets’ training on the importance of the customer’s satisfaction and make a list for your valets of the DOs and DON’Ts when working their positions.

Exceptional customer service is essential when owning and performing tasks for valet trash removal. After all, valet trash is a service being provided to the residents and it’s the residents that are paying a monthly rate to have your valets remove their garbage and recycling for them.

Can’t You Help a Valet Out?

You know how you love going to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew your license? What about the last trip you took to the post office? Great experiences, right?

Nah, we didn’t think so.

The worst part is, the DMV and the post office are places you have to go to. These employees know it and have no incentive to care about their customer service skills. In a sense, your valet trash services aren’t unlike these governmental services.

Let us explain…

Don’t be the DMV of door to door apartment trash service.

To clarify, residents have signed their leases with the understanding that part of their rent will pay for your valet trash or recycling service. Therefore, like the DMV, your company has to be used. There may already be some residents who are unsure of how they feel about valet trash employees taking their garbage out when they feel they could do it on their own for free. Don’t give them a reason to decide that their assumptions about you were right which will lead them to vent about your services online, or worse, by word of mouth!

During valet training, integrate this simple list of ways to stop bad door to door apartment trash service:

  • Show Up on Time, Every Time

Don’t surprise the residents with an early arrival that leaves them unprepared and don’t show up at midnight when people are trying to sleep. Be there when you are supposed to and never don’t show up.

  • Be Friendly

You will encounter residents from time to time. When you do, always smile and be courteous. Don’t be rude and don’t act like you’d rather be somewhere else. Obviously, you have a job to do and a schedule to maintain but is always worth your time to be pleasant. Besides, what goes around, comes around.

  • Don’t Get Lazy

There’s nothing more annoying than coughing up your hard-earned cash for a service only to find that the employee that was supposed to do their job, didn’t. Don’t be that employee. Clean up the greasy spills, sweep around the dumpster, empty the pet waste stations. If it’s on your job description, then do it.

  • Don’t Ignore the Feedback

Listen. It’s easy to hear someone, but it’s more important to listen. If a resident asks a question, answer it. If you field a complaint, fix it. Customers like to know that they are being heard and understood. Think about how you feel when you are upset about a service and how even more frustrated you become when the issue wasn’t fixed.

Five-Star Company, Coming Right Up!

Five stars? You bet! Be exceptional at your job and with training your trash valets and the good online reviews will come, we promise. It doesn’t take any extra effort to smile, be on time, and do your job correctly than it does to provide bad door to door apartment trash service. Besides, those five-star reviews will beat out those other valet trash removal companies!

And, don’t forget, as a valet trash owner, you need be good to your employees. Show the valets respect and congratulate them on work well-done and it will reflect in their efforts. Give them a reason to take pride in the service they provide and anything less than five stars will never be attached to your company’s name.

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