Valet Trash Brochure

How to Design a Valet Trash Brochure for Your Company

Every good company has a solid marketing mix in place to rely on for communications and promotions. Without it, you are just a person with a truck that hauls away trash. You have spent money on a website, paid for a newspaper ad, and have impressive business cards ready at the helm.

But, what are you handing your prospects when you meet?

Do you have tangible takeaways to distribute at your industry trade shows? You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to create an essential piece to your traditional marketing mix: the valet trash brochure.

Professional Communication

People feel more comfortable spending their money with a company that has a professional image. Without respecting the appropriate channels of communication and the weight they carry, you may find yourself without customers, or with very few, and not to the capacity you were hoping for.

In short, make sure your language is appropriate, your spelling and grammar are flawless, and your valet trash brochure is rife with the necessary information about your business and the valet services you offer.

Information to Include

  1. Company Name
  2. Contact Information
    • Phone Number
    • Website URL
    • Physical Address
    • Email Address
    • Contact Person (optional)
  3. Company Logo
  4. Professional Photos
  5. Services Offered
  6. Bio/About Us Content
  7. Call-to-Action
  8. Social Media Accounts
  9. Important Info such as Languages Spoken or Notable Awards

How to Include the Information

Each specific block of information needs to be presented in a format that gives the reader just enough information and not too much. You don’t want the prospect to be left with too many important questions and you certainly don’t want to give out too much information.

For example, the contact information is usually provided on the backside of the brochure after the reader has skimmed the first sections of content.

Brochure Contact Information Example

Call us Today to Haul your Trash Away!


ABC Valet Trash Company

123 Anytown Drive

Big City, State 12345


As you can see, there is a strong CTA that motivates the reader to contact your apartment trash doorstep company. If you are able to get creative with alliteration (similar sounds) or slogans, as long as it makes sense, it will become easier for the prospect to remember.

After the CTA, the company information is displayed clearly and transparently. By showing the interested party that there are several channels to professionally contact your company (i.e. website, email, phone number), you are instilling confidence in them that your valet trash business is legitimate and cares about its customers.

The other content in your valet trash brochure should follow suit with necessary blocks of information. Remember, you want to highlight your services and what you can do for the multi-family complexes. Give enough information to persuade the reader to contact you.

Don’t forget about the visuals! Instead of a generic stock photo, consider a photographer to take some action shots of your valets at work or of the entire crew. This bridges the gap between customer and provider and humanizes your company. Plus, visuals are a very strong selling point. People can gather loads of information from just one picture.

Valet Trash Brochure Design

Designing your valet trash brochure can be simple, even if you don’t have the experience in print publishing or graphic design. You can use software available on your computer such as MS Word, MS Publisher, or Adobe Acrobat DC. There are online options such as Canva or Lucidpress. If you don’t have time or aren’t comfortable creating your trash valet brochure on your own, there are websites such as Fiverr that allow you to inexpensively hire someone to professionally create it for you.

Typically, brochures are in trifold or bifold formats. Consider how a reader would view these pieces of marketing. We naturally read from the top left and down and then back up to the next page. There are certainly no limitations to your creativity, however!

Printing Your Brochure

Once your brochure is complete, your local print shop will handle the rest. OfficeMax, The UPS Store, or FedEx Office can easily manage print jobs for you as well. Most of these can be completed within 24 hours. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of color printing and weight of the cardstock for your valet trash brochure. Opting to spend a little more in these areas will communicate your message that much more professionally.

How to Use Your Valet Trash Brochure

Now that you have an integral piece of your traditional marketing arsenal, you need to get those brochures in the hands of the right people! Always have a stack of brochures ready in your work vehicle, briefcase, or on the desk in your office. You never know when a chance meeting with a potential client may arise. Aside from using them during your pitch to a property manager, brochures are great for tradeshows and for giving out with any promotional items. You should be proud to visually promote your valet trash business!

Remember, you don’t have to know how to design a valet trash brochure; it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are a bevy of resources available from DIY to professionally designed brochures, all while still fitting within your skill level and marketing budget.

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