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Ultimate Trash Valet Benefits for Apartment Complexes

Whether you live in an apartment complex or you own one, you must already know that there are a lot more trash valet benefits than just an added convenience. As a resident, you no longer have to bring down your trash, place it in your car and take it to the Dumpster yourself. As a landlord, you never have to worry about garbage building up on your property just because some residents are inattentive or don’t have time to take them away. If you don’t have an apartment community trash collection set up for your managed property yet, and you are interested in providing services for valet recycling pickup. Here are some benefits that might make the decision-making process easier for you and your valet trash service company!

Convenient Services

As mentioned above, convenience is the primary reason why many residents and apartment owners find trash valet services beneficial. Have you ever been in the situation when your schedule is just so hectic for an entire week and you just had no time to take the trash or recycling out to the curb or bin? Your apartment soon smells of trash and it seems as if you are now the proud owner of a fruit fly colony. However, with a trash valet service, the annoyance of taking out the trash will be no more when you simply have to take the garbage bag right at your doorstep and someone will pick it up for you.

Clean Surroundings

With trash pickup services, you can only expect the utmost cleanliness at all times. The valet won’t just pick up the trash you brought out, he will also check on the surroundings, take all the litter and clean off that stinky liquid that managed to escape your garbage bag. Because someone is now taking responsibility for garbage, your community will become a healthier and safer place to live in. It will also be more beautiful than ever because cleanliness will always equate to beauty.

Effective Recycling Program

As a landlord, you may have already encouraged occupants in your apartment complex to recycle and segregate their trash but nobody seems to follow except the lovely old lady living in the second floor who had nothing else to do anyway. Everyone has all the excuses in the world—they’re busy, they don’t have time, they don’t want to touch garbage, etc. Especially if you have a hundred families living in the community, you wouldn’t be able to manage to segregate all the trash yourself. However, with trash pickup services, recycling will be much easier. Garbage can easily be separated according to its kind and the recycling program you’ve always wanted to implement can finally be a success.

Crime Deterrent Service

Workers from trash collection will come to your apartment complex at different times of the day and some of them at night. While their primary job is really to pick up garbage, they can also help in preventing crime because you essentially have extra eyes now. More than that, residents will no longer be subject to the danger of having to bring out their garbage and take it to the dumpster in the middle of the night. With this added service, you can expect not only a cleaner community but a more peaceful one.

Added Luxurious Amenity

If you’re an apartment complex resident, you will be proud to say you live in a place where such luxurious amenities are provided such as doorstep trash pickup collection.  As a landlord, you will have an easier time finding individuals who will rent out units if you have luxury services that can be provided. If a person finding a place to live had a choice to rent out an apartment with just about the same rental fee as yours, they’d probably go for the one that’s cleaner, more peaceful, and more convenient to live in.

With these trash valet benefits in mind, not only will service such as this be beneficial to residents and homeowners, but also for those running apartment complexes. In fact, the service has become very popular across the nation and is now one of the amenities renters are looking for prior to deciding where they will be moving in. If you are looking for ways to improve your property, it’s about time you consider getting trash valet services for your residents.

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