Trash Valet Bench

A Trash Valet Bench: More Than Just a Garbage Can

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Valet waste services are great for residents of any type of multi-family community or resort. Enabling the clients to place their trash in a garbage can right outside of their doors offers an ultra-convenient way for household garbage to make it to the dumpster without braving the elements or avoiding having to take out the trash. But, some communities may benefit from more than setting a trash can outside of their doors at night. Whether due to the layout of the hallways and doorsteps or the demographics of the residents, the trash valet bench may be a better option!

Garbage in a Bench?

Yup, it’s exactly what you were thinking! The trash valet bench is a weatherproof, durable, molded plastic bench in neutral browns and tans to blend in with almost any common area outdoor décor. The seat of the bench lifts to reveal enough space to fit two 13-gallon trash bags. There is a removable lining to help mitigate any leaks, spills, or smells and the lid locks in place to prevent animals from getting inside. Waste benches come from a variety of manufacturers and have a range of designs. Adding sturdy trash valet benches to your list of valet waste receptacles can be beneficial in many scenarios.

Benefits of the (Trash) Bench

There are many reasons you may want to give a client the option to choose a trash valet bench for their apartment, townhome, or resort community. Each complex is different from one another in many ways and can provide residence for differing demographics. In certain complexes, using a trash valet bench may be a better option than using a trash can for valet trash.

Client Demographics

If your client manages a senior living or physically-challenged independent-living community, the use of the doorstep valet trash can may not be the best option. Providing the right tools is incredibly important when it comes to achieving personal independence. For some residents, carrying a garbage can to and from the front door twice in a 24-hour period may prove to be difficult or cumbersome. Instead, the placement of a trash valet bench in the common hallway just outside the unit’s door will allow the resident to transport his or her trash in the quantity and weight that is convenient for them. Instead of moving a heavy trashcan filled with garbage out to the front door, the resident would be able to move a trash bag filled with the appropriate amount for his or her strength or capability. Therefore, two or three smaller bags could be deposited in the bench throughout the day if needed. The stationary bench will avoid the need to move a garbage can around and can also provide extra support or help to the individual when leaving or entering his or her home. For example, the bench may allow the resident to sit down to remove shoes or as a surface to set grocery bags when returning from a shopping trip.

Housing Design

The architectural design of a multifamily complex may be such that the placement of a trash valet bench adds to both the aesthetic appeal and ease of use and placement. Some apartment or townhome communities have unit entrances that are located in an open-air setting. The valet trash bench or other creative trash can becomes part of the outdoor environment and creates a type of “curb-appeal” for each doorstep. This is especially useful for the complexes that have very large walkways or hallways to each door. Some residences also have an outdoor common area where walking paths and benches are located. The trash-valet benches could be placed here as well, if not for trash, then for quick access to brooms, dustpans, or small step stools or tools for your valets if they perform additional clean-up tasks for the community while on their shifts.

Trash Bench Options

There are several styles of the valet trash bench. Some appear more decorative than others and most are in the traditional bench-style seating. There are other options that have a bench with a trash can connected to them, but these are more often used in park-like or public area settings. The trash valet bench can also be used for an apartment trash recycling system in the community. In addition to adding a bag of garbage, there is room in the bench to allow for a recycling bag as well. Another option could be to provide the residents with the valet waste can and use the bench only for recyclables. Scheduling could be set up to provide for trash pickup the usual five nights a week and recycling to be taken from the bench just two nights of the week.

There are so many scenarios that are possible with the addition and use of the trash valet bench. Each complex and property manager will have varying needs that can be met when you are able to give options that extend beyond the traditional waste receptacle. Offering the trash valet bench as a choice for the management will also give your valet waste company the credibility of providing flexible solutions to specific issues or concerns or to extend further aesthetic waste receptacle options to luxury condo amenities.

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